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  1. Strange. If I drove into the back of someone I'd probably be angry at myself.

  2. The problem, according to Schumacher was (and I tend to agree) that DC drove incredibly slowly on the racing line, much slower than you'd even expect in such conditions.

  3. If I had to speculate: I think it was Max' own decision to break off his fast lap before his last one (was 7 tenths faster than Leclerc), which Redbull hadn't anticipated, resulting in too little fuel to finish that last lap, so they told him he had to abort.

  4. I think its a great idea to host international events at places where people haven't had one before, but what the fuck is the point when no one is able to watch live? We're gonna see 5 major teams, and a bunch of minor teams that are pretty good, play against each other for a week at worlds, and there is no real live audience. What the absolute fuck.

  5. G2 vs RNG at Worlds 2018 quarterfinals is up there. RNG were one of the favorites to win it all, considering they won MSI that year.

  6. God, Hasan is the most American centric motherfucker on the planet. It's crazy.

  7. Yes, the defence was really sub-par, but an attack and attacking midfield of van der vaart, robben, sneijder, kuyt, huntelaar and van persie all in their prime (more or less) was not inferior to that of any other country in the world at the time.

  8. Interesting, I feel like van der vaart was always kind of the unsung hero of the big 4 (van persie, robben, sneijder and himself). 109 caps, 25 goals. Due to his stark decline after 2012 (when we were wank in the euros anyway), people kind of forget how naturally talented he was as a player, and some of the amazing games he played between 2003 and 2011 or so.

  9. He should just start making up book titles and author name combinations mixed in with real books to see if he can bluff people into saying they're familiar with books that don't even exist. Posture harder.

  10. OK, but they already have the perfect old man for sozin, the same person who voiced him

  11. TIL Ron Perlman voiced Sozin. With how iconic his voice is, not sure how i never noticed.

  12. You're insane if you dont think having a group with INTz and AHQ, and then landing Albus NoX Luna for quarters wasn't the easiest path to Semis any team could ever have

  13. Awfully curious you leave out EDG, the number 1 Chinese seed, who came off one of the most dominant LPL splits, who finished behind H2K.

  14. LPL being inconsistent in BO1s since the beginning of time, what’s new?

  15. Still fair to mention that H2K beat the number one LPL seed who had one of the most dominant lpl splits ever, when talking about how easy they had it. Leaving them out like their only competitors were intz and ahq (remember, the lms had an amazing 2015, and ahq reached quarters the year before) kinda shows some bias. No reason to fully leave them out of the discussion lmao

  16. Prime example of the people of a country getting fed up with left-wing policies and wanting change. Hope we do the same here in November.

  17. Italy has been led by both the rightist party, and centre rightist party since 2018. The former is staunchly conservative, and the latter leans conservative. Can you elaborate on what you said? It seems to make no sense.

  18. Trump lost the election fair and square.

  19. Other person: please don't bring up Trump when it's not necessary. I dont wanna read about Trump on a funny video not about Trump

  20. Trump lost the election fair and square.

  21. I was very happy to see it happen then, and hope to see it happen again come 2024.

  22. OHHH you’re a moron, my bad! You don’t even know that my flair is Algeria. Cause you’re such a bigoted awful person you just blindly throw out accusations while pretending Israel as a nation is not a terrorist and thusly those playing for them are in support of their apartheid.

  23. Ignore them khoya this guy is clearly an idiot who is trying to sound smart when he could not even tell the difference between Algeria and Iran. Lots of respect for you 🇲🇦🤝🇩🇿

  24. I am fully able to tell the Algerian flag, and the Iranian flag apart, thank you. That is why i thought it was the Iranian flag in the first place... because the Algerian FA logo looks like the Iranian flag. The Algerian FA symbol, for whatever reason doesn't reprsent its own flag as it exists, with half green half white rectangles side by side, instead it is a stripe of green, white and red above each other, like the Iranian flag, and because the image is small, i thought that the star was the Iranian symbol for Allah (which used to contain a star). Instead it reimagines itself, for artistic reasons, as a new symbol that looks rather indentical to the flag of Iran. Woops. Not sure how I should have known that one without knowing in advance, but next time i'll double check before calling someone out for being a dick.

  25. Please do await in silence, and don't semi spoil to people unfamiliar with Fire and Blood

  26. I really loved the confrontation between Otto and Daemon on Dragonstone in the second episode

  27. There's full on rebellions in his sub every other month. talking to nazis nick? rebellion. talking to nazi lauren? rebellion. talking to a weird crystal girl? rebellion. do a sponsorship for an nft company? rebellion.

  28. Is the Lysa moaning scene your alarm clock sound effect?

  29. Xqc is only the protege... for now.

  30. Always two there are, no more, no less. A master and an apprentice.

  31. I don't know the morality of the murder because Rhea seems to think he came there to kill her but is leaving without finishing the job. Let's say he just walks away like he was going to, what are the odds that she lives? Because she seems to think she's just gonna lie there and die.

  32. I genuinely am unable to figure out what you're saying.

  33. Is every accident that leads to death involuntary manslaughter? I'm not familiar with the term but from the Googling I did they seem to mention "criminal recklessness or negligence," is walking away but not telling anyone the crime in your 1st scenario?

  34. Joffrey overstepped and was too arrogant . It was well deserved. I just didn’t think Cristen was snap like that

  35. The murder was purely out of Cole's deep insecurity for breaking his vows. Nothing else. Yes joffrey overstepped, but Cole was deeply in the wrong.

  36. arent playin and group stage bo1 hence your logic about mad is flawed?

  37. If they're 2nd in their group, which looks likely, they will have to beat the number 3 in the other group in a bo5 to make groups.

  38. Ah forgot they had DRX as well. Yea, third in their group**

  39. Mind you Arnold Schwarzenegger ran as a Republican and surpported gun control

  40. As did Bush Sr. and Ronald Reagan, interestingly. That was a pretty common republican standpoint in the 80s and 90s, resulting in the Clinton assault rifle ban.

  41. In a world where all Americans sports is franchises on a professional level, i would be very surprised if the government wanted to change the structure for esports out of all things.

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