1. You only need a boat when you are not yet where you want to be.

  2. Does the average bitcoiner have places that accept transactions via LN?

  3. Bitrefill is working in 186 countries, so I don’t see why not.

  4. Saylor said very clearly: for most things in the world, be it gold, real estate or stocks, when demand goes up, people make/mine more. Bitcoin is the only commodity that goes on with a predictable issuance and fixed supply regardless of demand.

  5. Only if you don’t have the choice to hold bitcoin directly. I do this with a part of my pension because there is no bitcoin access at all other than mstr and a few mining stocks.

  6. Get both for free, you can watch many series for free. In fact, I have both and weTv, all free.

  7. I don't think that's what happened between JH and QS ---

  8. Did we watch the same series? from ep 3 and 4 you can see TJH fight with his mom, his mom said something like she won’t allow this marriage, TJH said “even if you don’t allow it, it doesn’t matter”, then QS ran away from the dinner and broke up without ever seeing TJH again, he sent her countless texts and did many calls, up until the day he went abroad to study.

  9. Another way these dramas are whack with timelines & plausibility:

  10. Yeah, they must have cut a lot of scenes, the last few eps made no sense, I hate when this happens

  11. Zhangsun Wuji from Legends of Fuyao, he’s my definition of the perfect boyfriend: smart, hot, protective, fierce, intense but can be vulnerable and communicative at the right times.

  12. not the amount for an investment is stated there in the goldengale strategy. the ratio of life just happens to be what was chosen to show this technique works. plot it out and let me know what you think. there is a method to the madness i promise.

  13. you don’t have to believe it, you can test it your self. If you have the excel there, plug these numbers in: 0.5 and 2. Every drop to 0.5, you double your purchase. It works the same.

  14. Legend of Fuyao not only many hand in hand fighting scenes but also 1:1 steamy fights with heated chemistry

  15. Flourish in time you won’t regret watching this

  16. After almost 3 years immersed in CDramaland, the best kisser I have seen is actor Zhang Linghe in Maiden Holmes.

  17. That dude has the yummiest lips and eyes that tell stories ❤️

  18. Maiden Holmes you can search for Maiden Holmes carriage kiss scene on youtube and tell me if that will be in your top 3 best kisses scenes for Cdrama

  19. I’ve been on duolingo for 2 years now doing light study. This gives me excuses to watch series as a “part of my studying” 😂. I can understand about 40% from listening, but close to 0% for reading and writing. Enjoying the journey a lot.

  20. I took Mandarin Chinese I & II as an elective just because I liked Taiwanese dramas. But since I started watching Cdramas I did some self learning to continue but it’s hard retaining the words and grammar when you don’t use the language regularly.

  21. you can buy some streak freeze on duolingo with the gems you earn from doing exercises. I skip at least 2 days a month and still keeping my streak with the freeze.

  22. I love the series, found a new favourite actor there, his eyes are so expressive and loving. Great watch!

  23. Zhang Linghe or Xu Kai with Song Zuer

  24. Li Cheng Yin, Goodbye my princess

  25. If XF had killed LCY, LCY would have gotten away easy while XF has to endure a long life full of guilt and regrets for both indirectly and directly killing all loved ones.

  26. Same substance found in all vaccines!!!!

  27. This is so scary, have to go drink some water to calm down!

  28. No exchange has FDIC insurance for crypto, only for fiat.

  29. Thanks, I will have a look, happy to update my knowledge. Legacy fiat system is a complicated black box.

  30. Yes, but at most western banks investors money (deposits) are guaranteed by the government (up to a maximum), so it doesn’t matter

  31. The guarantee by the government is a good one 😂

  32. why does he say his stock isup if its actually down 70% YTD? or is it mostly BTC on the company?

  33. He compared it to the moment his company decided to go full steam ahead with the Bitcoin strategy, putting close to 100% of its cash reserves of nearly half a billion USD into bitcoin in 2020

  34. If they would sort out their withdrawal fees I'd ditch coinbase and use them.

  35. withdrawal fee is high but transaction fee is lower than coinbase

  36. I was about to write a post about The Wolf.

  37. I love the drama, most people would say it has a bad ending, I personally think it’s a perfect ending, the best revenge is served cold and satisfactory.

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