1. I was looking for zhang ling he, he is my definition of pretty 🤩

  2. Looking for drama similar to Go Ahead and A love so beautiful.Been binge watching these meanwhile I search for new ones.

  3. I totally agree with you. That level of chemistry is magical, a rare treat. I have only encountered similar level of chemistry and passion in “ten miles of peach blossoms” and probably“legend of fuyao”

  4. I wish there'd be more dramas like this! I think my love also stems from being able to hear their own voices/being dubbed by the actual actors lol. I get way more invested in the emotions of it. Liu Yifei has such a charming voice.

  5. Totally, her voice is phenomenal, so calm and soothing. That said, she’s an outlier. Most of the times, voice actors’ voices are much better than the main actors’/actresses’.

  6. He lost the company $1B last quarter. They ousted him as CEO so they can now sell the Bitcoin he bought on leverage to pay back some the loans he took out to buy it.

  7. That’s if you only read headlines. If you actually look into it or watch any of the recent earning calls, you’ll know that:

  8. They were a floundering software company when saylor bought the Bitcoin. Instead of a sudden death he bet the farm and lost and now they’re dying a slow death. The business model is literally: HODL Btc forever and lose money on the software side.

  9. Why would anyone use base layer to send $1 though, when there’s lightning. It’s like saying why clearing banks take weeks to clear transactions among nations and it costs so much work & energy.

  10. My brother in christ you are literally fooling yourself if 1. You think he ‘voluntarily’ made this decision as some master plan and 2. You think he is going to be at the helm for strategizing investments in the future. He has alot of shares that give him voting power, but cmon.

  11. Of course he will, he still hold a controlling number of shares. Plus, new CEO Phong Le was the CFO who drawn up the three Bitcoin purchasing plans in 20 and 21.

  12. Saylor left the CEO role to his colleague Phong Le who served as a CFO when Microstrategy was buying Bitcoin in the last two years.

  13. I second other comments here: Great chemistry, I’d say the few to be on par with Ten Miles. This is a rare gem.

  14. This must be a very unpopular opinion but I thought GMP has a “happy ending”, just not in the traditional way.

  15. Yeah, was about to say Darren has amazing chemistry with his FL in My Unicorn girl.

  16. I have experienced both government confiscation of family assets and national currency hyperinflation in my lifetime. I was too young to think much about it.

  17. To be fair, every single person on earth feels the first way until they actually take 30 min and read about what bitcoin is

  18. It took me about 30 hours to start connecting the dots. Afterwards, my brain could no longer think the way it used to.

  19. I haven’t seen such a magnificent chemistry since 10 miles of peach blossoms, hence I completed the show. I thought the first half is a lot better than the second half though. In short, if you don’t “feel” the charm from the first 6 episodes, it might not make sense to continue.

  20. As a kid: Alec Su (Su You Peng) in Princess Returning Pearl

  21. I just started Miss the dragon and I am drooling over the SML and SFL to the point i have been skipping all the parts with the leads just to watch the story of the second leads. The chemistry is much more strong in the second leads along with the storyline(atleast till now)

  22. Drooling is the exact word, the SML exudes manly attractiveness like no other 🤤

  23. This is how I interpret her expression:

  24. I am confused. Is this really new news or are they just counting all the purchases MSTR has done in the last 2 years using convertible notes and bonds?

  25. Yeah, it’s a very rare level of chemistry seen in CDrama. You can tell the ML and FL have actual life experience and acting depth.

  26. Yang Yang, the eternal perfect man, costume or modern drama

  27. I am a hodler who recently ran a node. I haven’t managed to run a lightning one, too technically involved. Bitcoin Core was easier to run than I thought, an old laptop and a few clicks were enough to start running. I didn’t know about this before.

  28. Yang Mi must have been gorgeous since birth 🤩

  29. Proof of force: You pay tax using the money the government print, else you go to prison. Simple as that!

  30. So states need to build weapons, to secure there CBDC or FIAT.

  31. No they are not incentivised to use bitcoin. Imagine I can print dirt cheap paper and tell you it’s worth £100, and you MUST use it, I’ve just produced the best product ever at a ROI of a million percent. Now I make myself the only producer of such paper and there are millions of yous who have to use it.

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