1. That if you try to learn everything by yourself - songwriting, engineering, producing etc. - you’re going to spend 10 years more than you need to master any one of them and 20 years more than necessary to master all of them. Collaborate with pros. Work in studios. Put in the hours learning from smarter people.

  2. That's not a bad thing if it's your hobby, though. But if you want to be a professional, it can be a waste of time to try to do everything. Being able to delegate (the right) tasks is a skill.

  3. Absolutely. I’m a demo producer. I would never release my demos. When i want to release, i hire pros.

  4. it's original!! they're "hey, nothing" on spotify but this isn't on there yet

  5. It’s really good. I’ll keep an eye out.

  6. I totally forgot the die-cut cover. So great.

  7. Carrying a clipboard and acting as you have authority can open many doors.

  8. Clip a walkie to your shoulder, carry a clipboard with an old shoot schedule, and be dressed for the weather. Boom, you’re a PA.

  9. I run a label and ship and sell vinyl daily. You know what makes a difference? Buying excellent mailers to ship product in. I really don't understand sellers who use cheap mailers. Excellent ones are about $1.75 apiece, but worth every penny. I've never had an item returned or a complaint about a shipment. Just raise the selling or shipping price by a buck and buy better mailers. Not that hard.

  10. Probably from people who don’t sell many records. If they are only trying to sell 5 records they probably don’t want to order a box of 50 mailers.

  11. It says David Bryne. Typo, or something worth getting excited about?

  12. The existence of Spotify ruined my label business for a brief bit, but then, it was the reason I was able to save it. Removing my work from Spotify and offering it only as physical product for sale has been transformational. I sell more records now than I ever have. Sometimes an industry has to be destroyed to be built anew. I know a ton of artists are still suffering because of Spotify, but there are options.

  13. Sounds like you both needed the practice. Try it again, but as the interviewer, study interview and storytelling techniques so you can guide him through. Most people and most stories aren't interesting. It takes a skilled interviewer to help make them interesting. This is on you, IMO.

  14. I use the kaotica one, bought it second hand been using for over two years. Mostly for out of studio mobile sessions and run a decent mic it helps get a good clean recording mic placement matters

  15. I can’t believe they charge $200 for those things.

  16. You have it on the desk stand it came on? How far away from the mic are you positioned when performing? Try playing with that. Get closer. Know where the element is and where to speak towards. Over time, you and the mic will better understand what each other are capable of. Then, EQ and limiting/compression are your friend. Learn how to apply some light processing.

  17. Well, Luna park will be open on weekends through October, so if you made it the 28th instead, you could do that. There’s a whole fall harvest thing going on there, but I don’t know much about it. In general, it wouldn’t be my first choice in the fall. Is it close to where you’re staying? Have you done a lot of other things?

  18. https://www.thrillist.com/news/new-york/luna-park-coney-island-hosts-halloween-harvest-october

  19. Cyclones games are really fun - fireworks on fridays - and you can run the bases after the game. Then you can go under the boardwalk and meet the locals.

  20. Season is over. Exhibition games (Ukraine vs NYPD and FDNY) Oct 14 & 15 then that's it.

  21. Are there no faux cassette 4-track apps out there? There should be.

  22. Sounds like a lemon twigs progression. So great.

  23. I have no solution for you, but we use newspaper to line the smaller cans (bathroom etc) and we compost, and we are plastic free, so the amount of kitchen garbage we produce is minimal. It takes two weeks to fill a tall kitchen bag.

  24. Seriously. Look at Bunker Studios Insta feed. It’s really smart. Takes time and talent. Good inspiration for someone in your position.

  25. The main thing that no one here has mentioned is that you don't want to be playing at venues that don't have built in sound.

  26. This. Having a vocal PA to play the occasional party is understandable, but a venue without a PA is a venue looking to pass off costs to you. In hindsight, when i was in your shoes, i should have charged extra for bringing a sound system. They aren’t cheap, it’s more to lug around, and there are plenty of places to play that already have them.

  27. My BF used to manage a bulk section of a grocery store, trust me when I say those bins are gross. Since then we have never bought food from bulk bins where you can open the bin and scoop yourself.

  28. I work the bulk aisle volunteering at my local co-op and those bins are clean, and filled carefully with a serious focus on food safety.

  29. Don't you have to pay a membership fee to be able to shop at a co-op? That would probably influence how people handle the products as opposed to a grocery store where you're more anonymous and only have to pay what you buy.

  30. At mine, you have to work at the co-op to be able to shop there. Maybe that adds some level of appreciation for keeping the dispensers and product clean?

  31. Thank you. Really, the strangest part was that it was unexpected. I had no idea the Watch would reach out to emergency contacts like that. It crossed my mind that maybe this was a scam for a moment. Fortunately, a quick phone call settled everything.

  32. I need to rethink my emergency contact list. Nice feature, but tracking falls changes the base level for me.

  33. First, I’m so sorry. Second, Canva.

  34. I know a number of successful pros and a number of unsuccessful pros. All of the most successful ones went to big universities. You can get by without school if you hustle, network, and keep learning, and you could redirect all that university money into gear and opportunity. But there’s no denying that no matter what path you take, you must learn from pros.

  35. Most live venues have a sound system

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