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  1. i never, ever, (in any circumstance other than looting) stop moving, i don’t know if this actually helps but i know for sure that i have a much harder time one tapping someone that’s unaware if they’re constantly moving like they’re being shot at. hope this makes sense

  2. Don't ever, for any reason, do anything, to anyone, for any reason, ever, no matter what, no matter where, or who, or who you are with, or where you are going, or where you've been, ever, for any reason whatsoever.

  3. Ask scav players as scav if they have spark plugs. Once the hand is off the gun (they tab) BAM! Pull the trigger, and reap the rewards. Call this a dirty secret.

  4. Maybe, but this isn't for a scientific paper, it's just me being curious

  5. Damn the dude laying out top left of video was a guy? Looked like a female to me still fuc*ed but deff don’t feel as bad now haha

  6. I have HuLu and found it on there. Was pleasantly surprised and love the show. The problem is I only get two seasons, I heard there is 8? I tried using a VPN set for Canada and that didn't work.

  7. It'd be one thing if you get this quest a little earlier since so many early shoreline quests require people to go there. But by the time most people hit this quest, a ton of the pier traffic will have died down. That's my only gripe about it is trying to consistently find people to fight in that area.

  8. shoreline is awesome for highly dynamic pvp arround the coast and the power station

  9. I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not. Those places really qualify as dynamic places to fight honestly?

  10. Where does this pvp you speak of take place? For me it's either getting trapped on pier, one tapped from Narnia, or resort cqb.

  11. And they don’t even claim the game is “realistic.” They used something like “true to itself” or something, these devs are literally the worst. They just want everyone to suffer it seems, if they make their QOL features better I bet they’d have a larger market. But no, everyone has to know fuck all in their eyes to apparently enjoy the game. Sorry I’m salty haha

  12. Eh I mean they do make QOL changes. They just get released at a snails pace. I'd be willing to bet they're working on a shopping list currently, or at least it's in the plans; but they're likely prioritizing content and stability before they get to work on the polish. Which I can appreciate a little at least.

  13. Careful tho. Default behavior is a toggle I believe so once you press it and you're aimed in for too long, basically your PMC runs out of breath and will start breathing heavy even if you have stam left.

  14. https://whalewatchwesternaustralia.com/single-post/2021/03/16/bremer-orca-hunt-blue-whale/

  15. This happened March of last year. Someone's been doing some digging for some karma...

  16. Looks like you did some digging on a karma hole.

  17. A hole is a hole, or at least that’s what I try to tell my wife.

  18. Once the perp is down, how's everyone to know the guy with the handgun wasn't the perp?

  19. What says the perp killed the guy trying to fight back and then threw his arms up acting innocent like he was defending himself. I mean my whole point is it seems to be an overreaching expectation for all armed civilians to be able to break down a violent situation and act correctly in an active shooter situation. In this case, the armed civilian may as well have been an undercover security guard or law enforcement agent of some kind which I would find more appropriate overall. I don't think expecting armed civilians to essentially become vigilantes of the law is necessarily something we can lean on with any certainty as a country.

  20. Have a second monitor with a third party map up at all times.

  21. All Halo games cuz you actually feel like a badass for getting to the other side. Anything else feels way too easy.

  22. Yo Lions have sharp ass teeth. That male is living dangerously.

  23. Totally different art style but very much still whimsical and artistic. Gris. It's a lot shorter than the ori games but very enjoyable.

  24. They also removed the fact that flashbangs used to make you deaf for a short amount of time.

  25. Wait they don't do that anymore? Here I've been pushing people thinking it still had the bang part. No wonder they just spray in my direction anyway. Fucks sake

  26. Laying in a bush near stashes with a 1911 and bonking people in the head when they stop to loot it 😎

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