Idiot cop flips pregnant woman's car for pulling over too slowly.

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  1. Wow interesting read. I had a mid 80s R9 that was absolutely the worst car I ever owned but the R10 sounds worse

  2. Lol, im curious... Worst car compared to what...? The R5, R9 and R11 was a massive popular car here in Europe in the 80's and early 90's , so i guess it wasn't that bad... 😉

  3. 2nd worst car was a 1985 Plymouth Horizen which is a rebadged Dodge Omni (which I assume never made it to Europe because they suck)

  4. Not particularly friendly. Worst areas are some of the ridge neighborhoods. Alewa, Pacific Heights, St Louis Heights, etc. Though I guess some would consider it impractical.

  5. When I used to ride my bike up St. Louis heights I would get some crazy looks from people who lived up there

  6. You're my hero if you went up Alencastre.

  7. You might think I’m lying but in my 20s I used to! I mostly rode up the Bertram st side, and the bottom of that is the steepest section on at Louis overall in my opinion, it used to kick my ass

  8. I’ve got a Bellaire 6000 that I’ve been happy with. It’s pretty quick

  9. I don’t know the episodes by their title, can you give a quick synopsis of that one?

  10. Of course! It’s the one where the woman is on the moon Io and her partner dies after a crash. She has to drag her body back to the base and she begins to hallucinate that the moon is speaking to her.

  11. Hmm let me think and I’ll report back if I come up with anything similar

  12. Yeah man, and I think the worst thing is I subconsciously knew all along that I had feelings for her. I had just repressed them to much because I was in a relationship when we met (that was falling apart at the time already). But damn

  13. Love is fucking complicated. I’ve been in similar situations. Don’t have any specific advice others than hang in there and don’t do anything drastic like move out right away. Give some time for things to settle. If they don’t, you can always move out later

  14. Where can u buy the same sausage McDonald's uses?

  15. Is it a specific sausage? I assumed OP just cooked up whatever Portuguese sausage they had at home already

  16. You should. Besides the increased risk of fire your car may see the unsealed gas cap as a fuel system leak and may turn your check engine light on

  17. Hard to get triggered when that “gun” doesn’t even have one

  18. There is no way that much diet coke is healthy..

  19. Word is trump drank at least 6 a day and he’s fi…. Uh oh you may be on to something

  20. interesting regarding the airport and flights. it’s been very quiet but i do believe i heard the recon plane fly nearby around 0645. a plane (seemed commercial - it was a jetliner) did just take off about 15 mins ago (@0930)

  21. Supposedly Hawaiian airlines is still flying but southwest has cancelled all their hilo flights today

  22. If only there were a system to determine verified accounts. Like they could put a little symbol by the name or something

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