1. Well hopefully you can get ahold of someone in the next 14 days because they won't refund you afterward, just call every half hour bro!

  2. I'd probably be trying to get a refund As well but don't open or download it and they should be able to refund you for it whenever you get a hold of someone.

  3. Bro been doing this since I owned a ps3 works everytime just play it cool Lol 😎

  4. Look just go to any store that sells ps5 controls and buy a new one, clean the hell out of your old one and put it in the box of the new one, and return it. Now you've got a new control...

  5. Call up most expensive autobody shop to get my truck fully air bagged out !!🥳

  6. How much would you like to sell it?

  7. You're selling vectis riven for 20k ?

  8. I’ve never played any mass effect game, I’m excited to finally try them. Question is, I’ve always heard Andromeda is bad, but is it a bad game in general? Or just a bad mass effect game?

  9. I couldn't figure out what to play one day and decided to check the store for demos and seen andromeda had a 72-hour trial. Never played the previous titles but I got sucked into the gameplay bro, best trial I've played in a while! Bought the game on Amazon for like $13 so I couldn't be any happier!

  10. Well why don't you open up the shell and turn it on to get an idea where the noise is coming from ?

  11. Maybe something is loose like fan ?

  12. I'm curious on the price. I say if you have extra money to spend then go for it ( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)

  13. Wtf is a kappa ? Is it similar to Mexican folklore?

  14. I couldn't ever buy a used pair of headphones no matter how good of a deal imagine what they've gone through.....

  15. I wouldn't suggest it even if they're dragging it dick and balls, I've learned that buying used items that I plan on taking care of and using for the next years never works out because of previous owners. For me just having peace of mind is only concern that's all but if op doesn't mind then yeah pull the trigger 😝

  16. No one's gonna commend him for taking out a whole squad? Lol seems like a W to me

  17. I have a launch S10+. My wife got a S22+ and that left me with her old S20FE. I decided to drive it to see if it really had all the problems my wife was complaining about to justify an upgrade.

  18. What brand case, if you don't mind me asking ? It's hard finding reliable case that will actually protect. I'm using the supcase unicornbeetle.

  19. Same happened for me bro don't delete any of them because once it does go through it'll completely lock you out

  20. This is not really a FU honestly since you really had no control over what she does or doesn't choke on. Hopefully she gets well..😄

  21. Is there something you're leaving out it seems as if you were possibly fiddling with flashing softwares and flashed wrong one ? Phones don't factory reset for no reason

  22. Only way to recover would be to flash a backup

  23. Try a zip lock bag filled with white rice grain

  24. Bro a majority of those cases don't look very protective anyways lol

  25. Right, and you're also the first person to complain when you drop your naked device and destroy it because you'd rather show it off than protect with a screen Protector and case. I don't give a shit what my phone looks like. I'm all about protecting my investment. The minute I get a new device. It's right into an Otterbox Defender series case and a tempered glass screen Protector. That $50 bucks has likely saved me thousands over the years.

  26. Seriously though this is the only way 👍

  27. Got a really good protector off amazon that's super glossy, no scratches and is super thin it's like there's not even a protector on it, it's amazing

  28. Did you ever think at one point it would be a great idea for a case ?

  29. bro are you like twelve the only solution to this is to either stop whispering or man up and speak up 🤯🤯

  30. my parents sleep right next to my room. so yh, i have to whisper.

  31. Understandable bro but come on if you pay rent then you should be able to do as you please. sounds like a stressful situation

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