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  1. My specna Edge sometimes seizes up on semi and doesnt fire, but switching it to full auto and firing a bulit fixes it up. Yours is not working on FA as well so im not sure whats going on.

  2. This is a really cool demonstration of phagocytosis, which is the process by which cells take in large objects. If you pay close attention in the video you can see a little bit of the bubble is wrapped around the red ball that breaks off from the main bubble. In a cell the little bit of cell membrane that wraps around the object and breaks off is then used as a little sac to store whatever object was taken in. The process allows for objects to enter a cell and stay isolated from other cell parts while also keeping the outer cell membrane completely intact.

  3. It didn't load in the post within a post thing when i made the comment, it just looked like a singular image. Apologies.

  4. How much did you pay for it? I am looking to get one but they are either all out of stock or ridiculously overpriced.

  5. It’s really pretty simple to see how each side comes to their conclusions.

  6. There were some supply chain issues due to pandemic leading to short supply, but that's not the issue you're facing. Amazon just has zero quality control and sellers price gouge whenever they think they might have a product that is hard to find. Don't worry, they're still out there for sticker price, and as an added bonus you don't have to buy through amazon.

  7. Thanks man. Unfortunately it's out of stock on that website you linked but now I know they are out there at $500. I will keep looking.

  8. Oh my bad, thought it was in stock. That might be why it's being marked up by third party sellers. Kraft, sweetwater, musician's friend, guitar center are all decent enough retailers. There were some supply chain issues so they haven't been easy to find.

  9. I checked the other websites you listed and it's out of stock in all of them. I guess they really are having supply chain issues.

  10. My great-grandfather was a independent farmer living in Romania, minding his own business. He worked his ass off and eventually owned about 100 acres of land where him and his family grew crops. When the communists rolled in, everything he owned was confiscated and he was sentenced to death for being an "enemy of the people" because he owned land. He managed to survive by going into hiding for several months until he was "pardoned".

  11. I mean if we could avoid regressing any further on the family and parenting side that'd be nice

  12. Ive been using the same temp the whole time at 200°C...

  13. As a swamp dweller, I take offense to that.

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