1. This set is for 3-6 year olds (from Office Depot, I just got it). The seat will be too high for them to get in and out of independently until they are older. The weaning table and chair should allow them to sit down and get out by themselves.

  2. My first retrieval was a few months shy of 40.

  3. The shot itself never really bothered me, it was about 12-16 hours later for me. It would start to get sore and tender. Not terrible, but annoying enough to be noticeable. I think my problem was icing before injection instead of heat, but who knows! I guess I will find out soon enough when I start the second round 🤷🏼‍♀️

  4. You can have any degree and get training. I personally went with AMI. I often come across AMS people who wish they had done AMI because you get so much of a better background in the philosophy and method. It’s intense, but then you know what’s up! Many of the AMI training programs offer one additional two week course through Loyola to turn your AMI certificate into a Master in Education, so if your interested in that, it may be a great option :)

  5. I am in estradiol patches and the only noticeable side effect to me has been terrible rashes where they were on my skin after I peel them off.

  6. I live in a tiny house and we use propane for hot water on demand and out stove and we literally have gone 11 months on the first fill I love it. We took it in to get filled in our suv no problem transporting it . We have a 20lbs back up for when it runs out but good so far (just 2people)

  7. Really? Did you just prop it up on the backseat floor?

  8. Myself, wife, and a 2 year old spent the winter in NE Corner of Indiana this year in 41ft 5th wheel. Picked up one of these 100lbers and used with an auto cutover with a 30lb propane tank. Ended up filling the 100lber once every 12-14 days. If I were permanently stationary I would have done the same thing but with two of them. Yes it is expensive, but if you can get ahold of one they are worth EVERY penny. When I took it to fill it everyone and their brother that was there wanted the link. It got bad enough the guy (same guy everytime) that did the fills made business cards with QR code and the link to get one.

  9. Dang, those look pretty good! Unfortunately, we have already purchased ours. Oh well. We did get two though. We have a valve that lets us connect two and switch from the empty one to the full one with the turn of a knob. Maybe if we just Attatch them to a dolly, we can simulate a similar situation as the link you shared.

  10. I test tomorrow my transfer was on 7/8. I am so nervous! I feel like I was able to manage the anxiety while I was working throughout the week and today has just been a rollercoaster.

  11. First of all, all the luck for tomorrow!

  12. I had my 2nd FET on 7/11 (first one failed to implant). I’m FREAKING OUT lol. I am determined not to test before beta this time though bc my heart can’t take seeing anything other than a positive after so many years and so many negatives

  13. Agreed. Somehow hearing it better, as weird as that sounds. Sorry your first transfer didn’t implant, I really hope the best for you! Thank you for sharing :)

  14. He looks a lot like mine and he's supposedly pure Boston. Also our 4th and not like the others lol.

  15. My Bostie girl in the family now looks like this! But I have AKC papers for my current Bostie baby, so I assume all Boston!

  16. I have been getting back into my crocheting. I am working on a few small projects for friends, all who have been struggling with infertility. It’s very centering and I poor all my hope into them while I work and release all fears with each stitch. It’s been really helpful!

  17. If I was younger and had time on my side, I would have spaced things out. Unfortunately, doing back to back cycles and having 1 implant failure and 3 losses in 8 months gave me PTSD, to the point I was bawling my eyes out, so feeling so lost and defeated when I thought I was having another biochemical pregnancy with my 5th embryo (FET).

  18. Oh my gosh, I am so sorry. That’s is a rough path. How are you now? Do you still get triggered by your PTSD?

  19. I'm ok now, but up until 12 weeks I was worried that I'd lose my embryo, and waiting for the NIPT results were the worst.

  20. Personally, I find the pregnancy questions hopeful. The goal is to become pregnant! If all we see on this sub is people struggling with IVF and never see people who are in the early stages of pregnancy, two things happen: 1) information becomes skewed and it seems like IVF never leads to pregnancy. While it may be anecdotal info, seeing positive outcomes makes the statistics more real and as we support each other through the ups and downs of several transfers, we get a real sense of the data. 2) just because yo I get a positive beta doesn’t mean that it will lead to a live birth. People going through IVF still need support in these early days and I don’t think

  21. What can you tell me about the Red Lady?

  22. Depends on what you mean by “toys.” A lot of Montessori materials like the pink tower and brown stairs are toy-like but have a deeper purpose of preparing the child’s hand and mind for reading and writing by developing greater visual discrimination. Also, why have children play pretend that they are cooking and cleaning when you could simply teach them how to do those things? In my experience, children enjoy responsibility and independence in these areas more than pretending.

  23. When Maria Montessori says “toys” she means manipulatives without an intellectual aspect to them (no universal truth gained). Many of the materials are similar to Froebel’s toys and in training, the psycho sensory motor materials for 0 - 3 are commonly referred to as “toys”. She found that this age from 0-6 is when children are adapting to their time and place and culture and that they are particularly keen on those aspects of their world. This is why the materials are so precise and so thought through: we want to provide materials (or toys) that will provide the children vital information that will allow them to adapt to their culture :)

  24. I think that’s brave!! I just know I want to be able to be prepared and handle the results well when they call with them, no matter what the result is! Also I just have zero self control 😂 Hoping for a positive for the both of us!

  25. lol! I understand the zero self control :)

  26. I’d love that! It’s already difficult not testing today. Send help 😅

  27. Lol!! I feel you! Every little feeling is like - is that something?!?!!

  28. Best of luck to you! We’re getting ready to start the IVF journey as well and posts like these give me such positive vibes🤍 on an unrelated note curious if your 716 is a random number or an area code for western NY :)

  29. Ha! No, the numbers are my water polo numbers from my high school days (it’s an old username) I never even considered that they were an area code 🤦🏼‍♀️

  30. I love it! Even before I saw the title of your post, this stopped me in my tracks and I was like "wow! that is a great color combo!" I think its going to come out amazing!

  31. Are you at a rest stop? Under a bridge? With your crazy neighbor? Now THATS Steve Wallis style.

  32. I had 11 follicles, 7 retrieved, 6 mature, 5 fertilized (ICSI), 4 blasts, 1 PGT normal.

  33. Me too! This makes me appreciate her even more!

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