1. 200% critical strike chance adds up to a max of 200 for 100% critical strike chance. if you have 500 ad, 45% is 225, so slightly more

  2. it's bonus AD scaling not total AD scaling. where tf are u going to get 500 bonus AD from.

  3. Didn't they fix that interaction a patch after they reworked the items?

  4. Nope, just checked in practice tool. Does 350 base dmg lvl 1 with 2 crit items on yone (50 + (2.0*100))

  5. idk if he should still be shunned for this, but also tf was bro even typing.

  6. this is so fucking hilarious to me imagine every time before Chris G is about to get laid, he sits the girl down in front of his PC or whatever and boots up Street Fighter lab.

  7. Where exactly do you get the notion Raiden’s followers all fear her? The VHD/Sakoku was a single year of a prosperous 500 years. The majority of people in Inazuma worship her, not out of fear.

  8. Also Ayaka literally explains to us that most people in inazuma don't even care about the VHD because vision holders are so rare. There were stores in inazuma selling figures of raiden that were so in demand you needed to wait in line before opening in order to get one before it was sold out. Most people seem to think raiden's people live in fear under her as a tyrant when that couldn't be farther from the truth.

  9. blade scales a lot more on HP than ATK so the first part of the passive isn't that great for him.

  10. After looking at the leaks it seems to just be HP & CR, unless it’s a F ton of CR I could just run this instead anyway. The Ad forward on the 4pc is really OP

  11. the thing about the new set is that it allows him to build a lot more crit damage than he normally would, since he can get plenty of stacks in 1 cycle. if you've ever played genshin the effect would be similar to blizzard strayer.

  12. Yeah like getting an E6 4 star is not that hard. Honestly it really shows how trivial the MoC will be late game even for F2P players

  13. I wouldn't go that far, since MoC will continuously be getting updated, so expect a difficulty increase as well. Early genshin abyss would be a cakewalk for f2p genshin players at this point in time

  14. Sloppy toppy devil finally revealed on the last page

  15. The whiskers don't come from having Kurama sealed inside him. Just look at Boruto and Hima

  16. Ye but that’s a genetic trait that started with Naruto. Because he had kurama inside him


  18. I'm sure that as a limited 5* unit he will be good, but he seems to require a bit of build-up time. Makes me wonder if that will hurt him when compared to other limited 5* units.

  19. from the way it sounded to me you will probably be able to press his skill multiple times during his turn. Qingque can do the same and her kit feels kind of similar to his, however his doesn't seem nearly as reliant on RNG. he probably will be about planning ahead with skill points/reverse scales and seeing how to maximize his output with the resources you have at your disposal.

  20. Literally the same goes for Yasuo/Yone players forcing the likes of Statikk Shiv, Immortal Shieldbow(hard nerfed to be a buy after level 11), BotRK, and IE early game. The players going Stormrazor and Galeforce are doing much better in comparison

  21. The issue with yasuo yone is that they were heavily tied to Shieldbow as they were extremely squishy without it. That's why every time the item was nerfed, they were buffed in some shape or form. Now they have no replacement for that lost survivability, which is why they're getting some of that HP back

  22. Why the hell would we want to kill kafka. She awoke us on Heta's space station and clearly has something to do with our past since we recognized her, so shouldn't our top priority to ask her about who we are.

  23. im not sure whats dispellable or not, but from what ive heard the SU stacking buff isnt dispellable.

  24. Most buffs that are not dispellable have a red icon. For some reason kafka’s stacking buff isn’t, despite it having a normal icon. He sounds like a really good upgrade in seele teams since revive buffs can be dispelled, and he has a cleanse on top of that AND he doesn’t need to use skill points to heal

  25. didnt know about the red icon, very handy. also its not just kafka, all SU bosses have a stacking buff for anti-turtling. it should have a red icon though.

  26. Yeah if seele kills a mara struck and it revives her passive isn't triggered. She's also pretty skill point hungry so luocha sounds really good honestly

  27. It's just a duel. They trained at the same school in the inkshadow universe canon. However Yone gave up his "identity" in exchange for his magic, so no one in the real world (including yasuo) knows who he is. He is reliving his memories of the past in the recall, since his brother in the present doesn't recognize him.

  28. I'd say it did, since my friend spent $100 trying to get her, and when he lost the 5050. When he saw that my f2p acc has her along with 3 other 5stars from gacha, he spent another $150...

  29. I got seele in 52 pity time to diamond hands until blade arrives

  30. I guess it's because the lightning doesn't scale with crit and it's shoving power isn't all that top tier anymore but Idk really

  31. the main thing that it provides (waveclear) is something that yone already has plenty of. And with the systems changes to minions in 13.10 roaming bot will be less effective. Kraken does more dps and has a better buildpath so might as well just go kraken

  32. because the ladder hasnt updated yet. There are currently 14 players in challenger under 1025LP

  33. The prestige splash looks sexy asf in my humble opinion

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