Arsenal [3] - 2 Manchester United - Eddie Nketiah 90'

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  1. He pretty much resigned for nothing then lol

  2. This doesn't make much sense, especially when the 85+ x3s are better, despite it pretty much being a competition of which is the least shittiest

  3. You’ve got two you didn’t do and make sure you did everything on brand exposure

  4. Oh and set your players release clause to one dollar so you can be them at your new club

  5. It's 2033, I think I'm gonna start a new save

  6. College exams preparation do be like that sometimes :(

  7. Bruh what happened to my post about this guy

  8. Milan is off the table, now Bournemouth, so what other clubs that wear red and black striped shirts are available for Zaniolo to stink up?

  9. Hamrun Spartans, although their former president wants to play so Zaniolo might find it tough taking his place in the starting 11

  10. I am also doing this, some examples of signings are

  11. Remember his FIFA 20 FB being my first ever big buy for like 2 mil and he was so much fun to use, might do this for memories

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