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  1. I’m assuming it’s really inefficient at that temp? Usually I shut them down around 35° and switch to the wood stove.

  2. Barking issues here too. Many YouTubers have noise cancelling stuff on and sound proof rooms.

  3. Just a heads up, heat pumps are never as efficient as they claim. I'd subtract 10% easily.

  4. I asked customer service rep. Took me 30 seconds to reach them. they said it will be $49.98 inclusive of all service fees and taxes (using my zip code in NYC one of the highest taxed states)

  5. Not really that hard. Everything is using an insane amount of data now. My average is 30-50gb a month. I live in a rural area and if my home internet goes down, I'm instantly in that 50-100gb range.

  6. I've been reading your comments here and it's very telling what kind of a person you are. Not only are you wrong the majority of the time, but you come off rude and condescending. Many words describe you well and none are good ones.

  7. 42% is a dream o meter like my jetskis speedometer. I literally can't even find someone who likes Biden right now and I live in a very liberal area.

  8. Do you know how much it would cost to swap out the 4 ton for a 3 ton? Like obviously not an exact number, but ballpark range, is it an expensive thing to change? Is that something we’ll likely have to pay out of pocket or should the original installers do it to correct their mistake? Just trying to figure out what to do now going from here… I timed the cooling today and it ran for only 9 minutes at 11am set to 74, even with all the windows open. It’s 85 out today, so not as hot as usual, but do you think this is a short run time still?

  9. Well what kind of thermostat do you have? Can you adjust the swing? 2500 in Florida with a 5 ton is probably oversized. 3-4 ton would be ideal depending on the house.

  10. HVAC companies will shun you if you don't do everything through them. Post on craigslist or marketplace. Maybe someone has a major leaker and will just dump it into their machine.

  11. I'll be honest, I did the same thing after Trump's state of the union address where he mentioned covid. I sold about 50%. Should have sold more. Then I caught the falling knife decently well.

  12. I wonder if they're waiting, in order to blame lack of indictment on house flipping.

  13. If it’s watery it’s probably just discolored from the copper corroding over time. It’s normal condensation on the big line. If it’s oily it’s probably a leak.

  14. Poor/split/missing insulation is allowing the suction to sweat/produce condensation. Trace amounts of copper from the exterior of the suction line (larger of the two copper pipes) are oxidizing and turning blue/green. Unless it aesthetically bothers you, it’s nothing to worry about. Leave it alone.

  15. Attic is quite insulated. 1 foot of insulation everywhere. I had someone check this possibility too and it sounds like it might help, but only a little if at all

  16. More importantly why are you on this sub asking stupid questions.

  17. I knew the fix was in after I woke up to they "found" 100k votes, mostly for Biden at 3am in WI.

  18. Fact checkers will tell you this didn't happen but me and my whole family witnessed it in Virginia

  19. Do I refill with tic tacs? Or do I need to shovel out some cash and do Altoids?

  20. Clearly you already know the right answer... Just use a sharkbite cap next time for Altoids refills are easier.

  21. What helped me in the past for future building maintenance is to add a quick disconnect at the end for recharging diet coke for a fully pressurized system.

  22. Uh yeah that's damaged. It let the smoke out. Turn off the breakers for out here if they didn't already trip and call an electrician.

  23. He can fix it himself, too. After turning off the breaker, open up the grey boxes and check that fuses are okay. Replace them if not. Then remove the black box and replace it, too.

  24. 50% ceramic is bare minimum. 30% is also pretty clear but some over zealous cop may pull you.

  25. The primary reason for the raid wasn't to charge him with anything. It would be a bonus for them but it's intent was to damage him politically.

  26. Yup. They'll just push the narrative that he shouldn't have had these documents and orange man bad. The hateful rhetoric continues.

  27. Idk why someone down voted you. Those shit plastic housings basically have to be bottomed out to not leak.

  28. Correct. You have to screw it all the way in with like 10 wraps of Teflon and then you might luck out.

  29. I wrapped it heavy and doped it pretty good just now then cranked them down pretty good as well. Hopefully that did the trick. They seemed to feel kind of loose compared to when i assembled it all a month or two ago.

  30. These are the settings from the manual. No all off setting for 4 ton compressor are shown, that’s why I am looking for advice.

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