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Wade Keller: "I am not expecting CM Punk to wrestle in AEW again. I'm not saying it's 100 percent sure thing but everything is point the direction of some sort of buyout of his contract. We'll learn more eventually about that situation."

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  1. If you're based in the states I've seen 3060 and 3070s going for under 1000 at best buy. Returns with receipt

  2. Is this something you have to walk on in there and look for?

  3. All of this yapping, gives specifics about how Jimmy had no playbook took no snaps didn't practice Kittle this top back out, name drops other qbs blah blah blah.

  4. Alright I’ll give it a shot - The Man in the High Castle.

  5. When did it change for you? I found myself completely disinterested at about the start of season 3. I tried a couple of times because the consensus I kept seeing was that it got better with season 3.... But I just couldn't care about it anymore and I can't really put my finger on why.

  6. If you want to help put a dent in that deficit the best thing you can do is spend a little bit of that loan forgiveness and get the money back into the economy.

  7. 100%. My wife and I will be using the money not spent on student loans for her to make payments on a bigger car for us and the kids

  8. Well, I stopped watching the game and started watching Bluey because it's part of the toddler bedtime routine....

  9. Getting myself prepped for some genius play calling right now.

  10. FF also has the Facebook Container which prevents the Zuck from tracking your entire internet history.

  11. The reason I like listening to Wade Keller is because he says SOOOO MUCH in the way he says things. I can't even explain it well but when you listen to him talk for long enough you can tell what he's saying while not saying something. Verbal subtext, if you will.

  12. Thanks! So like... everyone in a given county who passed the exam would get a contact letter?

  13. well, thats how it has worked recently when i wa shiring environmental scientists. since its a headquarters position, we sent contact letters to yolo, sacramento, and san joaquin county contacts who had taken the environmental scientist exam.

  14. Thanks, that makes sense but it's obviously a bit more targeted to begin with because it's not the lowly SSA exam :D

  15. Inb4 the finish and MJF gets up teasing going down to the ring before.... Surprise Guy is right behind him.

  16. Just hoping the finish doesn't come down to Danielson getting caught slippin after letting up on Mox because they're homies.

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