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  1. Always put ice wall in front of door when the match starts and door opens. This will give you and your teammates some time to discuss how to attack your enemies.

  2. Normalize retail workers beating the everlasting fuck out of customers likes this.

  3. I was amazed when I saw I did not need to click nav bar just to see "recently uploaded" and "popular" but there was that usuful "oldest" option they removed and they left only 2 options for so long. I can not believe they actually made something that needs one less tap to achieve it.

  4. And then teammates start complaining that you are a bad healer:(

  5. Gets me like 6 frozen pizzas, fuck this.

  6. I can buy 5 days worth of food with this price in my country. Steam actually understands this and splits all game prices in half in my region so I buy new AAA game for 30$.

  7. Can someone tell me why he is not in ranked matches? He is just OP or what? I'm new in OW.

  8. But what about a game you join 1 second late? And what if you win, should that count as a win, or not at all? You would hate that even more if that didn't count. It's fine the way it is.

  9. Most of the time people (RAGE) quit if they are losing and you take his place instead. So ratio of you joining losers are much higher compared to winners.

  10. Worlds Fastest Animal is Cheetah

  11. That could have ended a whole lot worse.

  12. That guy is very lucky that plate did not lose and split him half. He should have ran away.

  13. I honestly thought it had ended at the farm and then when it cut to california the first words out of my mouth were “what the fuck”

  14. It was the second time I questioned myself why the game was not ending, first time was in the middle of Abby's story with the Atreus arc.

  15. In game years or regular years? Id be chilling the whole time. Stay in my casino penthouse and only come down once a day for the spin.

  16. I replayed Dead Island. I'm done💀

  17. Personally I never was angry I was just dissapointed that one of my favourite company and my top 5 game franchise which I replayed so much that I might be speedrunner in part 1 fell like this.

  18. Plenty of the fanbase loved it though, myself included. No need try to dismiss the love it got as just "new fans who weren't into the original".

  19. I said "I think" for some reason. Sure there are people who loved both. Getting deeper into controversy that happened 2 years ago made me to conclude that most of them have't played the original. They saw some big criticism towards something and they jumped straight into it to spice things up because they can not live without hate and controversy.

  20. I think It eliminated fanbase, while made twitter users as new fans that haven't played the original at all.

  21. I prefer modern era but I really want after GTA6 R* to make singleplayer GTA6 DLC which will be set in 70-80's vice city. But lets wait for GTA6 first lol.

  22. These GTA6 leaks are getting out of hand.

  23. You guys don't get that incomplete game is incomplete right?! They gonna improve npc's behaviours.

  24. Did you found all collectables? because it opens a new missions at the end. There are 2 types of collectables: Letter scraps and spaceship scraps.

  25. Fair enough if you felt misled, I for one wasn’t affected by it and didn’t feel all that offended by it. But if you created something you were proud of, wouldn’t you defend it?

  26. Defending and mocking is not the same. If I were on Neil's place and if I don't wanted to admit I fucked up, I would not pay attention to hate at all but he poured fuel to the fire instead of shutting up.

  27. But he has no baring of your life, you could have easily ignored it? I didn’t like the last season of Game Of Thrones, I haven’t bothered to go after Peter Dinklage and all the people involved who mocked fans for “not getting it”. I was just like “oh well” and moved on with my life.

  28. I mean ND was one of my favourite company and it is dissapointing it fell like this. I don't care for ND nor Neil and I'm not waking up hating Neil. I just became very indifferent but sure there arw people who really hate him. Time to time i visit this sub to check if something changed in ND(HBO trailer made me to come this time) becuase other sub is nothing but praising every dumb decision ND does.

  29. The only interest I have in the HBO series is sitting back and watching it hopefully flop horribly. HBO is already losing money hand over fist, canceling shows left and right that fail to reach their quotas, and yet they still haven't learned their lesson, so if it does flop, that's two birds with one stone. Plus even then, this show has got red flags all over the damn place, the cast being a pretty big one, so it'll be super easy to enjoy the memes that will no doubt arise and watch the sub dunk on it when they do something stupid, which is just inevitable with Hollywood adaptations these days, all the while ignoring the show in its entirety.

  30. The thing I don't understand is: ok people who are not playing games will watch Tlou season 1(which i suppose will be a plot of Tlou part 1) but then they realize there is part 2 as a game and they gonna watch or play the game and after that most of Tlou series watchers will know what will happen in season 2. Like I still don't understand wtf HBO and ND is doing. No matter how many arc's they gonna add in series, core plot always be the same and by the time season 2 comes out everyone will know what will happen.

  31. It’s just insane how silly many of the things in the game end up being, like, Joel literally saves Abby from the mass amounts of zombies pushing the fence down, but when they get to the house, the gate is magically enough to keep the horde away. Then two molotovs take it down lol

  32. I still can not get over the fact that Joel literally saves Abby's life and Abby thanks him by torturing him to death. How am I supposed to like or feel empathy towards her?

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