1. You can buy a small can of solvent from autozone. Dab it on a microfiber towel. This will clear up the yellow paint from the clear. Use small amounts and rub Ina circular motion, using a new section of the tike for each section. Do not let liquid get into any cracks as it will eat your paint up. Any spots tjst are chipped or cracked, cannot be repaired as they require you to repaint your tank.

  2. I have an HSA account, 401k, and investment account. All 3 have funds that are reinvesting.

  3. This is great. I have 3 barbers depending on occasion and where I'm at.

  4. I’m 18, I’ve achieved all I wanted in life. I’ve been to parties got high had sex. Nothing really interest’s me anymore, drinking,drugs,sex,4x4 it’s just all so dull. Now all I wanna do is ride so fast that one day I’ll lose control and all will be over, I’ve enrolled in university but all that will lead to is. 9-5 job so what’s the point?

  5. Higher retention of you offer a base, with benefits, and commissions.

  6. We're looking for a few. Do you have a preferred industry?

  7. I'm open for a new role AE in Los Angeles, 5 years exp.

  8. The chances of you not waking up tomorrow are also, low.

  9. so removing it from portfolio locks in profits or loss right. i wish there was also just a straight forward buy or sell button on each ETF

  10. Had a crash to several weeks ago still long road of recovery for me I had some pretty bad internal organ damage and several complications and spent a month in hospital Things probably depend on jurisdiction. I was also 100% not at fault I still have not accepted an offer on my motorcycle The big bills come from rehabilitation so make sure your in talks with your insurance about that In terms of a settlement i highly recommend you talk to a personal injury lawyer for a consultation there usually free with no commitments attached. They do a really good job explain what your entitled to especially for your jurisdiction. They also can work on a basis where you only pay when a settlement is reached.

  11. Almost died when a truck ran a stop sign and totaled my beautiful Suzuki, you must get an attorney, don’t get in a big rush, your back or shoulder might hurt worse in a month! Physical therapists are expensive! Find an attorney who specializes in motorcycle accidents, you’ll be glad you did!

  12. I appreciate the advice. It's been a week and areas of my.body still hurt, so I get you. Thanks

  13. If marketing: Yeah sure, but before I go. I did want to say that I was only following up with your interest in xyz. What's changed?

  14. Adding to this, titles like Sales Engineer / Solutions Engineer / Onboarding Specialist usually get commissions and bonuses. They more or less do the same thing of demoing the product and being a product expert. You really have to be a people person though.

  15. Do any if the titles with engineer in it require any engineering degree or knowledge, or are they just another variation of Onboarding specialist?

  16. You don't need a degree. Get certifications in the cloud product you want to sell.

  17. I appreciate the info. Are there industry "approved" certs. Or can I get general certs from linkedin on stuff like, cloud, cloud infrastructure, edge computing.

  18. Where do you want to work? What do you want to sell? Do you want to be the tech sales guy or relationship sales guy?

  19. So I recently applied to Fastly. Edge cloud provider and thought what they did was amazing.

  20. That is good to be what you have in your account that you can withdraw. You are missing $25, so you might have a deposit pending. Did you earn a reward or maybe single time deposit of $25, or set up a recurring deposit of $25?

  21. I just did this and landed one in 1.5 weeks plus 5k salary bump. Sales jobs are plentiful rn

  22. No, I put in my 2 weeks the first of July. Took a little vacation the first week. Cleaned up my resume and on the second Monday. Put out 50 applications.

  23. I just left my last org and have been in the job market for a week and a half. I've had 3 offers feom 50 applications 🙃 I start my new job on the 1st. Where are you applying to? How many applications.

  24. Any hiring managers here, able to review my resume and does anyone recommend a cover letter?

  25. I should probably make it a bit more clear. Base to commission is 40/60. Hence the reluctance a little as I really don't know if I can grow the business to that extent. Base doesn't even reach a 6 digit figure. I do agree with the worse case, it would also help fill that missing gap in my resume. Thank you :)

  26. What is the current base and what is the base after the increase? If a solid base is what yiur looking for and ask for what you think your worth and gave then negotiate. They know your worth it. They are showing they have the revenue for it.

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