1. Goku casually one shots, really it's about Low Multiversal Vs Island Level, i don't see a realistic way Deku and All Might could lose

  2. You need some seriously insane wank to put Goku at multi. He is consistently shown as universal.

  3. Either Uni or Low Multi, i think we can all agree that Goku stomps

  4. I disagree. I don’t think The World is FTL or MFTL.

  5. I personally don't consider it a wank but if that's your opinion 👍

  6. This...actually surprised me, i would like to ask, Who do you think wins this matchup?

  7. I know im late but im sure Jotaro defeats Aoi Todo and Solid Snake

  8. I never realize DIO had so many matchups until now

  9. While i do understand why people like the matchup, i don't really like it because of the fighting potential, i don't find it as interesting as this one, the connections are solid, is just anything else that i don't really enjoy (Kind of like Jotaro Kujo Vs Solid Snake)

  10. Well…the post did explain the potential of the fight

  11. I know, but the real problem is me, i actually never saw a Harry Potter movie and my knowledge of it comes from Luke Vs Harry, going by that fight i don't see how it could be something to be very excited for (It might change if it turns into a actual episode tho)

  12. Since we are talking about Comics 616 im pretty sure he would just punch Homelander so hard that he would regret of coming out of that test tube, Spidey was able to took the Hulk out of balance, in some occasions he was even able to beat him, and he was speedblitzing Silver Surfer who was powered up by the Carnage simbionte (that...actually doesn't make sense if you ask me but that's comics for you)

  13. As a show only for Invincibile, let's highball Darkwing and say he's just as strong as Bruce for some reason, Bruce would still be more skilled (he literally knows every fighting style in the planet) and he's far smarter, when Omni-Man ambushed the guardians of the globe he...jumped at him, knowing he could kill him by sneazing, what kind of strategy is that? Nothing Batman would do in a battle, for what i see it Batman would just stomp him, but maybe if we where to see more of Darkwing and get better feats it might have been interesting.

  14. I would like to add that both have a "mode" that heavly influence their emotional state and will let them have no esitation in killing people (Jack The Ripper and Dark Determination)

  15. Realistically they would all die at Geb since they can't get close to him, Puss have 9 lives sure but that doesn't help when you just can't attack your opponent, if they somehow survive N'Dool then he will probably die due to Pet Shop, he's just too brutal and have too much advantaged in the air, Puss best bet would be that of taking Pet Shop of surprise making himself seem like he's dead and put his sword in his mouth, other than that i don't see how Puss can win in a straight up fight, with Vanilla Ice he just dies like Iggy, i don't think i really have to explain this, but if he doesn't die for some reason he will not be able to do much against DIO.

  16. Im not really that familiar with Franklin Richards and in most formation of the Avengers i have seen he doesn't appear so i won't talk about him

  17. Lo stand cry è palesemente "SPLASH" mentre l'urlo di battaglia è "BESUGOOO", mi chiedo quale sia il potere oltre a spaccare le faccie

  18. all of them. strongly believe vitrlmites are stronger than kryptonians

  19. Didn't Oli name drop Bruce Wayne in one of the episodes? When he was the mayor I believe?

  20. We see Batman in the very first episode saving Kate and her sister

  21. Im talking about a in show appearance, similar to how Superman appeared in Supergirl

  22. I will probably get downvoted for this but imo Sonic The Headgehog

  23. Quick remeinder that Scooby-Doo had a crossover with both Batman and the Addams family, meaning that there is a universe where Batman and the Addams exists in the same universe

  24. Yoshirico Kucci and he will fight Josulyne Kugashikata

  25. Vergil stomps,DMC and MG are two very different universes,DMC has Fucking demons that can cut the fabric of reality and do some shit that would take me hours to explain,MG characters are weaker but more realistic cuz it's not filled with Fucking demons and a Style Rank.

  26. Sam would win, Vergil isn't Brazilian, Sam is, he stomps negative diff

  27. I think Jotaro will win, Star Platinum is stronger and much faster than Homelander, for how here's the reason:

  28. It also seems like they took away the solid in 1995 for some strange reasons

  29. The thumbnail isn't mine, all the credits goes to the original creator

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