1. I (32M) am currently in my 3rd year in Berufsschule in Offenbach studying Technische Produkt Design and, at least in my class, there is no bullying. The younger kids hang out together and i usually hang out with the older ones (30s) but relax, the people there want to be there and my classmates help out the other students when they can. I could easily be bullied since I'm half German/half American and my German is not nearly as good as my English, but everyone has been really nice.

  2. Congrats! I received mine last Thursday, and wore the shirt to their concert in Kรถln, Germany on Saturday. It was hands down my favorite concert =]

  3. I just moved to Germany from Sanford. How come nothing cool like that happened when I lived there? Small world.

  4. Wallets. Why do we have to pay for something that we use to hold the things we pay with?

  5. Hello, I'm a 30/M/USA but originally from Germany. A few years ago I went to the Philippines to meet up with my dad. We stayed in Manila, Olongapo and Ilo Ilo. I own a little construction company with a friend and love to play drums, read, play soccer and go on random adventures. DM for more info.

  6. Just got my ribs tatted yesterday. Not a fun place to have work done... ๐Ÿ˜…

  7. Here's where you messed up - before you threw your phone, you should have taught it the move Harden.

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