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  1. As usual, the fault is human error. Lower the seat top and no problem. I mean, who leaves the top up anyway?

  2. My sister, oddly enough. I close the seat and bathroom door whenever I'm not in the bathroom.

  3. It's common for orange cats to do this?

  4. 600,000+ mile Corolla? That's almost at half its life. Please sell it to somebody who'll take car of it.

  5. Both of them were on a mission, neither of them knew it.

  6. These bolts were all located in the same spot, in the bed on 22' rangers. They hold in the bed liner in the corner above the strap down eyes and to the left and right of their respective sides. We've snapped 2 on one ranger and fit gromits over the holes and noticed no major difference in the beds secureness but that was with a hard lid and accompanied brackets.

  7. Seems like the bedliner is putting too much stress on the bolts.

  8. This isn't the best example, but if you like cars, BeamNG is a really fun game that's only on PC. You will have to make a bunch of custom bindings, though; and the game is still in early access.

  9. My God, it's been on EA for ages. I have it in my Steam library since around 2011 or so.

  10. The Steam release was around 2014 or so. The team is only 70 people, and even a smaller chunk of that is actual game devs.

  11. Why shouldn’t you tune a daily? Does it increase unreliability issues? Sorry just not an experienced car person

  12. In the case of a Subaru a "Pro-tune" can actually increase reliability. It's a custom tune for your specific engine in your current environment and fuel quality. Also, with a tuner, you can see exactly how the engine is running at all times.

  13. Air tag alerts a thief that they're being tracked. Tile does not.

  14. Yeah, but the Tile only has a range of a few dozen meters or so. If you want to find something that's far away, you have to pay for Tile Premium, and then hope there's other people who are also paying the subscription in your area as well.

  15. Do other people not need the app for Tiles to be tracked from their phones? I thought you had to opt-in, while Air Tags would track automatically.

  16. Check your oil every time you add gas. This isn't a recommendation, this is a requirement. Make sure to warm the engine up almost entirely before driving it at all, and give it even more time before beating on it. These engines are very fragile, and if you can't afford a $10,000 engine in a year or two, I'd baby it as much as possible.

  17. I used to work in a place where we did the same thing. That said, it was more like 2% acid by the time we diluted it properly.

  18. There's been quite a bit of analysis done on the Deck. It's been found that playing virtually anything at above 11 watts provides very diminished returns in terms of battery life vs performance. You can technically use 15 watts on the Deck, but it's completely unnecessary. Usually I'll start by setting each game to 11 watts at 60 fps and see what kind of battery life I'm getting. For many shooter games and games that require fast reflexes, I'll keep it at 60 fps. For many other games, it makes a ton of sense to set the fps to 40. This can have huge returns on battery life. For example I can play Guild Wars 2 (fully features graphically intensive MMO) at 11 watts and 40 fps and get 4 hours out of it. That's really decent for a system that is battery powered. I can play Neverwinter at 40 FPS and 7 watts and get close to 6 hours. And that's with these games running on High graphic settings.

  19. I will mention that it definitely depends on the game. BeamNG's UI lags if I don't max-out my GPU clock, let alone limit the CPU power usage.

  20. Sounds like something might be overheating internally.

  21. 1 million sold, 233k members on this subreddit - 1/4 of users are here on this! Brilliant. Where are the other 3/4 I wonder? Surely they can't all just be lurking rather than joining?

  22. I joined this sub long after I bought my Deck. Plus, there's people who've bought multiple.

  23. I'm also anticipating availability on store shelves. Once that is the case along with improved dock support, we can start seriously looking into using Deck for FGC competition use cases. Immediate pre-order availability is definitely the next best thing, and it's not much worse than store availability.

  24. Isn't immediate pre-order just online purchasing at that point?

  25. At the very least, it would be really nice if it had an AWD option. The FWD chassis is mostly a Civic, which had several different bodystyles and also AWD.

  26. That would've been a fun car if it existed.

  27. Not really. It's better than my $5 folding chair, but they're not worth $800, let alone $1,000+. The "soft-weave" fabric doubles as a back scratcher. The armrests flop around and wobble more than several centimeters in every direction. The armrests' lateral adjustment button isn't recessed, resulting in me accidentally moving the position several times a day. This is also while the stitching (zippers, text, etc.), bolstering and even the entire chair seatback itself are crooked. The misalignment is to the point where there's almost no room between my left armrest and the chair, when fully retracted.

  28. I did this to my TV when I was a kid.

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