1. Character play time is important to some of us not to mention the principle of the fact. Like you said it's pretty simple. Not a overaly complicated fact.

  2. You may think so. I personally enjoy looking at my time played and thinking of all the good and bad times. Associated with all those hours. Progress up to the point of time it's on etc is important to me. If that clock is not completely mine frankly put it bothers me severely. You enjoy games your way and I'll enjoy them my way

  3. They can't afford to repay the loan but can afford all the Starbucks and avocado toast they want

  4. I too, love making up people in my head to get mad at

  5. "Fuck you guys", really? Isn't that a little childish? The people who work at Techland are in fact human beings, which are not perfect, don't know if you knew that or not. But lucky you for there's a solution to this problem.

  6. "you may have paid $60+ for a game that doesn't even work and literally corrupts saves but come on, it's unreasonable of you to get mad about that"

  7. Going to keep playing the game just to spite you

  8. Wow, you really showed me, you fucking edge lord. ELDEN ring will break you.

  9. No it won't, just beat godrick on my second try so I think I'm good thanks

  10. this game is actually the only game i've ever played with choices that actually matter besides detroit become human.

  11. Bro you have not played a single decent rpg lmao

  12. Choosing who controls what part of the city has absolutely 0 impact on the story. you could give PK's all the water towers and electrical stations and still side with the survivors because it has no effect on the story. There are only about 7 crucial choices in the game that actually change the story in a certain way (just a guess, might even be lower from what I remember) . Most other choices don't matter, and even these important choices only boil down to helping the PK or the survivors. The only time I really felt like my choice was actually meaningful and important was when I told lawan to spare hakon. But yeah other than that, not really any good decision making. Most if not all of the side quests don't matter either. Even ones I thought were going to be important, like saving Aitor's life, it wasn't, and it wasn't brought up in the story at all despite betraying the PK's in old villedor. Arbitrary choices doesn't equal a good RPG. If this were the case Fallout 3 would be the best RPG of all time.

  13. Ahhh I see you’ve come to have a drink with us? 🍻

  14. Not even denying that you guys are drama leeches. What a joke. Just Keemstar 2.0 at this point.

  15. You regularly post on the subreddit of someone you hate and you’re calling people drama leeches. Nice.

  16. "papabless902" yeah because you're totally arguing in good faith.

  17. Such an annoying fuckwit, shrieks like a bitch and looks like he's about to have a rave under a bridge (with his own LSD supply)...

  18. You guys are actually evil holy shit what the fuck is wrong with all of you

  19. You cant play the "foreign language" card if this is the first time youve mentioned anywhere its not your native language. I didnt check your profile to stalk you, i checked it to make sure youre not trolling or a mentally challenged kid before calling you a manbaby.

  20. In their defense I don't see why they should have to explain that they aren't a native english speaker.

  21. It's not the strongest at all lol. A regular bow does its job well

  22. I don't think I've come across a single bow that does even half the damage of my crossbow tbh

  23. THANK YOU for this, haven’t played the game either but the dumb shit on this sub right now was reminding me of the Cyberpunk sub after launch. Glad to see it isn’t being accepted as much here

  24. "oh yeah I'm glad people aren't open to criticism on this sub, echo chambers are awesome amirite fellas"

  25. Funnily enough 99% of the time the echo chambers are made up of people needlessly angry with the game. When I get home from a 12 hour shift I just want to enjoy and talk about a game, meanwhile the sub’s front page is completely hijacked with people masturbating about how bad it is or why the studio should feel ashamed of themselves or whatever. It happened to CP2077, it happened to Halo, and I’m hoping it doesn’t happen here.

  26. The game has a large amount of issues, narratively and gameplay wise. Pointing these issues out doesn't make it an echo chamber. Cyberpunk definitely warranted all of these criticisms as well.

  27. Fallout New Vegas gets touted as one of the best games ever despite it having one of the most abysmal launches of all time.

  28. New Vegas had at least somewhat of an excuse. Bethesda had them on a very tight leash while techland seems to have had all the time in the world.

  29. Yet it's "very positive" on steam (over 80% positive votes)

  30. These kinds of devs exist everywhere. It's not some rare occurrence. Broaden your horizons and play something that isn't a AAA title.

  31. Yeah I think the site is just down for now as I'm having the same issue.

  32. Okay thanks just needed to know if it was just me or not :)

  33. Highly underrated. It was like an 80s action movie. And The Following was actually fantastic and had 3 endings.

  34. 3 endings where 2 made absolutely no sense lol

  35. That’s pretty much nearly every video game for you. Especially a parkour zombie game.

  36. I mean, this especially made no sense. Two options were to just nuke harran, the thing you tried to prevent in the main game.

  37. It wasn't that big of a deal to me, the game was pretty generous with the knives to be fair. Even on hardcore I still never had more than 1 or 2 by the time I beat the game. I can definitely see why people would think it's annoying or unnecessary though.

  38. Hm so like the first one then? I’m okay with that. The first story sucked rais wise but the story about jade and her brother was sad good. Rais was annoying and his story was boring. But I enjoyed the open world aspect and the side quests more than the main story so I’m okay if the main story sucks agaib

  39. Jade and her brother were not sad at all imo. I don't think they had even 10 minutes of total cutscene time combined throughout the entire game and they only existed to tell you where to go. Not to mention they were incredibly unlikable lol

  40. Well I’m 27 and that looks like a child to me so, if Keem is 40 then yikes, and if you’re anywhere around my age then double yikes 🚩🚩🚩🚩

  41. You're literally just lying for the sake of defamation. Ran out of actual drama to talk about so now you guys are just making up shit

  42. Relax Keem. We know you can’t compete with women your own age and have to exploit young women who don’t know any better. Just accept it dude.

  43. Ah yes because all younger women are stupid and incapable of rational thought. You guys are very smart and totally not douchebags

  44. Not really interested. Announcing a dlc months before release gets rid of all hype almost instantly. Not that it was a super amazing chapter to be excited for anyway.

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