1. About this, a little question of my own. Say you don't find someone who's interested, you revise and rewrite, change things up a bit. How long do you wait before sending to the same agents again?

  2. It’s going to be easier to figure out if you just wait until the editing phase to see what you all wrote in the beginning.

  3. I've made a whole outline of the book, yeah. The whole beginning I have is also plotted, no going off-books there. It's just that I'm not sure if it's okay to have there be 3000 words between the start of the novel and the "thing that kicks the story into second gear".

  4. It's not like it is absolutely required to be in the first 500-1000 words or anything, but there are two relevant factors; does the intro have a hook, and what is being presented leading up to the inciting incident? For example, if your intro has a strong hook and has content leading directly into something that becomes the inciting incident for the characters, then you've probably caught my attention. What I don't want to read is 3000+ words of worldbuilding and exposition; if your fantasy trilogy begins with a lore dump about why the Blahdeblah Kingdom is at war with the MacGuffin Tribe, I'm not going to make it to the inciting incident.

  5. Yeah, it starts with seeing my MC's family life and some light signs that our man was in the army at some point and left. His brother, who's still in the army shows up, asks our man for help with something for the army, our man declines, and just as he declines their home gets attacked. (Very short here, but that's kind of what it comes down to.) The home being under attack changes things, and is the inciting incident here.

  6. A lot of how the reader feels about them is going to come from how well you convey your main character's feelings about them. That being said, be prepared for the fact that some readers might just be so tired of the fridging trope that they're not going to be as invested. I know my knee-jerk reaction to your premise is "ugh, not this again", because I'm so tired of female characters being killed off just for the male lead to have a reason to do things--which isn't to say that you can't write it well, but that you have to do a bit more work in winning over some readers.

  7. Yeah, I have two other main characters, both strong women, but this one is very important for the rest of the story as well.

  8. Thank you for the advice, this helps! However, I asked for a first line because I was hoping it would spark a story idea since I don't really have anything in mind at the moment. I just feel like I need some kind of prompt to get me started.

  9. [FANTASY] [NOVEL] [Unknown as of yet]

  10. I'll help ya out! Here's each point you mentioned.

  11. Hey man! Thanks for reading and for the feedback!

  12. Is this your first book? A trilogy is harder to sell than a one-off book.

  13. First one I want to get traditionally published, if I can. Would it be a big problem for agents/publishers?

  14. If you look carefully during the scene, you can see the imagery that the comics used to show spider sense, wavy lines surrounding Peter's head. The idea is that his spider sense took over and was working on autopilot.

  15. Ahh, that makes sense actually. Thanks!

  16. How certain you are that you're legitimately racist?

  17. Mostly it's jokes I make or dumb stuff I say that, only later, I understand was actually definitely not okay to say.

  18. I’m sorry but this whole country has lost its sense of humor. Please if you’re telling jokes continue to. Jokes are jokes and as long as you’re not being mean to someone personally you’re doing nothing wrong.

  19. Like I said, jokes that, I later realised, weren't actually funny. Just rude and derogative. We've established I have racist tendencies, can we please move to how to get RID of those? I've gotten some suggestions; any to add?

  20. The house that Jack built was pretty fucked up.

  21. Man for real! The ending of The Mist had me sitting there like what the fuck Mr. Director?!

  22. I've posted my first short-story on my Wordpress site yesterday. Hoping to get any kind of feedback if possible!

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