1. for transporting doves/pigeons - for pigeon racing etc? They are pretty small as squabs

  2. The gaps are definitely big enough for bees to get through.. well the bees ive seen anyways šŸ˜

  3. I bought it specifically to learn about this medal! It's about spiritualism and mind reading. The lithograph photos from newspapers of him riding horses blind folded, playing instruments from other people's memories, and solving crimes are really cool.

  4. Yes, a medal from one friend to another and one is a Mason and the other an Odd Fellow?

  5. If it was a gift between just two people, the piece about Austin's Nickelodeon (assuming it is the venue the medal was presented in) is even ore curious. It just leaves me with so many questions. "What was the occasion for the exchange?" "Did it have importance beyond a friendly gesture"

  6. Looks very much custom made from various bits and pieces. The stamp is the only thing that stands out as anything fraternal, both Freemasonry and Oddfellows. Otherwise, Iā€™d say all the information is pretty much there, who gave, where, when, and why.

  7. I agree with you on most counts! There is a a good deal of too level info here about location and names.I guess I want to know what the occasion signified. I can find near nothing about the awarder, a little bit about the theatre, but why such a medal exists, and what the occasion/significance of it's passing from person is kind of a mystery. It seems to be a turning point in the man's life as references are made to him as "the world's greatest" after this moment in newspapers and his book all the way through 1910, but who could award a thing like that, or if the title is for fun, or if the title predates the medal, and the occasion for it's passing from person to person is an interesting mystery I hope to learn about to find out more about my ancestor :)

  8. I'm guessing your relative was a stage magician?

  9. Thank you so much! I've spent years researching on and off and had not heard of this group. Yes he had a show and seemed to be world renowned with over 100 articles written about him around the world that I have found (still no mention of this medal or it's meaning though). I will certainly investigate this info!

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