1. You pay only for the platform you are mainly playing on. It is the same logic like buying Witcher 3 on PSN. This does not entitle you to get the XBox Live or PC version for free.

  2. If you play a game that is not fun in first place, then you should stop playing it. Simple as that...

  3. Did you collect also all 95+ Shapeshifters and all 93+ Icons? 😁

  4. You are wasting precious time. Do only 85x10, kick all 10 cards back in and add a bronze card. Rinse and repeat. Sooner or later he will appear.

  5. If you can only afford one, then yes. But be aware that Messi is tremendously less physical compared to him or Mbappe. I use Ginola or SS CR7 next to Messi, its a good short/tall duo.

  6. I'm still trying to get him from 85x10s but they're so hard to pack

  7. Its just luck by random number generator. Only grind 85x10, don't waste time doing 95+ SS Challenges. And put all 10 dupe cards back into the SBC again with one bronze. Use Squad Builder with "Most recent" filter to speed things up. Thats all you can do, especially with just 3 days left. Otherwise you wont be able to complete hundreds of tries (if you are willing to do the grind). Once you pack one of the big 4, they will appear every once in a while again.

  8. Just spam your 85x10s and get all the cards you want, you don't really need to invest

  9. Exactly. All top players can currently be crafted with SBCs. So grind it out. I finished out of boredom all remaining Icon SBCs and increased my coins from 100k to 700k. Assuming you could achieve the same just be putting the dupes into it, you can get up to 1.7M. This should be sufficient to get CR7/Messi/Kante in case one is still missing.

  10. I can buy one of yours, sure. Are you on PSN?

  11. Definitely R9 and Gullit. Used to be THE endgame cards, while now many Pre-Season SBC are overpowered.

  12. Hey guys, just wanted to give an update about my post. I completed the SBC around 350 times today on PC with a browser extension and packed all except CR7. There definitely seems to be a pattern where certain players appear in the rotation for 15-20 rounds more frequently than others. For example I packed Donnarumma and Benzema surely 15+ times but other players like Sadio Mane, Salah, Ibrahimovic, Son and Werner seldom appeared. They seem as hard to pack as Mbappe, Ginola, Messi and Ronaldo.

  13. Try submitting cr7 messi and kante and you might get them

  14. These 1000 is only since reset to unlimited 85x10, right? So the real number is much higher I assume

  15. Not at all an extension to get your account data KEKW

  16. Apart from the E-Mail address there is not much to get, especially when using 2 Factor authentification. So not much of a risk.

  17. Nice. I did the same, just Desailly and Rivaldo left to do. Accumulated 700k along doing these SBCs. Were you also profitable?

  18. Great Name 🤣🙌🏻 Isnt it the one from the Youtube Video?

  19. https://www.futbin.com/22/squad/9324012

  20. With bench does it become 198? Individual player ratings wise I have higher rated ones. But if I take SS Messi out with 98 rated card, my team drops to 197. Your bench must be having a couple of 99s to make it level I believe.

  21. Yes, what you saw was actually my team I play in game. I have CR7 on my bench because he is not fitting my fast paced playstyle. I added you all my players how it looks to make a 198, but to do this, Mendy needs to be a Reserve player.

  22. Isn't Neymar a fraud? He doesn't even make my 18. Pele, CR7, R9, ASM, Salah, Yedder, Messi, Mbappe, Alvarez all better

  23. I like Neymar. Using him as a supersub though in ST position. He scores when the others don't seem to get those crazy angles in difficult games. But then R9 does not click for me at all.

  24. Meanwhile I am here getting Ginola twice and want that Ronaldo 🤷

  25. Same here yesterday. I stopped doing the SS pick, because I keep getting the same 10 dupe players over and over again.

  26. Switch Neymar and Puskas, that should probably do the trick.

  27. Have fun :) Unfortunately he doesnt work with my playstyle but for other people he seems to be genious.

  28. Yes thats normal. You have still 8 days to go. But these SBC already exist since Futties.

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