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  1. So, I tried checking out their site to figure out what this mod even is. From their FAQ, I got this:

  2. yeah, it's simply Skyrim multiplayer

  3. "No, you can't just make better game than us."

  4. Warcraft Adventures? What's was supposed to be that?

  5. This is probably exactly why they’re doing it. You know Ubisoft is rubbing their hands together right now.

  6. oh yeah Ubisoft are the ones where I use cheat table because of the "premium" content. fucking stupid

  7. Oh no, 108GB in size. Have they ever discussed any intended changes to that? We've only seen Act 1, so I have no idea how big this thing might get when it's released in its entirety.

  8. I would say they'll definitely optimize the size and performance more the closer the game is to finishing and releasing.

  9. Anybody know when this game comes out? I'd love to play it

  10. I've been itching to play this game.

  11. now? It's just Act 1 or Prolog, whatever they call it. Something like Fort Joy location in DOS2.

  12. no I played it plenty and loved CDPR before this

  13. the "game" is there. It's just not your type of "game".

  14. I would probably go for 1440p 144Hz. You have option to play at high refresh rates and you have more "breathing" room when you use ray tracing in games.The card will also last longer.

  15. It's very SWAT4. Currently doesn't have alternate entrances, briefings, or snipers, but the gameplay is very solid. Only complaint I really have is their stupid "earlier access" scheme. I was enjoying RON so much that I actually went back to replay SWAT4 with SEF, and as much as I love SWAT4, I think by the time RON is done, it'll be the better game. In some ways, it arguably already is.

  16. all I'm missing is server browser because I fucking hate joining a lobby and then getting disconnected and it will try to connect you to the same guy.

  17. "Beyond Good and Evil 2 has been reinvisioned as a Multiplayer "games as a service" game with NFTs."

  18. The game was rigged from the start

  19. I think you should check what version of HDMI it is (2.0, 2.1 or something like that) and google which resolution and refresh rate it supports.

  20. And that's why you're a virgin! I mean if you were a chad then you would've...definitely...without any hesitation...would grab her a towel!

  21. The bugs barely bothered me at all, what bothered me was the lame gameplay that felt like it was from a game released in the early 2010s.

  22. I found it similar to Ubisoft games which haven't changed since... 2010s but people still like them, play them and buy them and they still break records.

  23. You're tripping on some fucking acid if you think Cyberpunk plays like a generic 2010 open world game

  24. I'm serious. It's like your usual Ubisoft game except Cyberpunk has miles better writing which makes the story and characters more impactful and memorable and that makes the generic side activities more interesting. The NCPD and gang stuff.

  25. Thumb for space I get... But curling it so you can hit shift and control? That's some kung-fu shit. You have problems using pinky or ring finger? Or maybe you have long fingers... I don't know. Whatever works for you I guess.

  26. Yeah I have some motor problems with how my ring and pinky works so whenever I try moving each finger the other one moves as well so it gets uncomfortable so I had to resort to using this kind of position and I am comfortable with it as well lol.

  27. I think everyone has that "motor problem" but I think you can learn to use them at least a bit separately.

  28. It was not. Handling still sucks, and the soundtrack was abysmal.

  29. Well thank modders for Unite. That thing made Heat playable for me.

  30. Actual sweet spot for me is 1440p aka 2K QHD. I doubt I'm the only one. Edit: 10% of steam hw Edit2: I stand corrected, QHD not 2K

  31. and the interface GPS (F5) also looks bad? In that case I don't think you can do anything except buying VR headset with higher resolution. Or you can't even read signs on the road? Or just use common sense, in city 50km/h, outside 80. And at some places with speed limit sign 70.

  32. yeah. tbh though, i hope they unite in the future with promods (i think some devs from the officila team help in promods idk for sure) because they have done major improvements long ago and i always wanted to see germany in its true form

  33. yeah, Promods is something else. Downloaded it few days ago, spawned in my city and I actually recognized the roads, I knew where I was and where the road leads.

  34. I guess it depends on your PC to see how much optimization really affects you.

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