1. I'm a little confused. Is the meme saying that taking inspiration from other people's designs is a problem or that just copying the design is the issue?

  2. The issue is I'll see someone make a character that no one else would've thought of making, then I'll come back like an hour later and like 3 people have posted the exact same character saying "well if everyone else is doing it". Happened with Space Ghost the other day.

  3. I always thought 90s Tom Selleck wouldve been perfect. Honestly just looked up a picture of him now and all I can see is King Bradley

  4. Ima be real, RoR 2 is one of the greatest and most addicting indie games I've ever played. More people need to play it and I'm incredibly excited to try the VR mod.

  5. If they went to school together, they'd be those 2 best friends that you don't refer to separately. I should know, I've got a very similar bromance to this and let's just say he's gonna be my best man at my wedding in the far, far future.

  6. Oculus store. However you will need to have a pc to play it and connect it to the quest.

  7. Oh yeah, I played Syphon Filter already. Wouldn't say it's a stealth game really. Unless you call a guy running around shooting everything that moves a stealth game.

  8. This isn’t the classic edition mini. This is the original PS1 released back in the late 90’s. The boxes are similar though.

  9. Oh. Then why is he saying people wouldn't be willing to buy it?!?! That is the most influential gaming system ever released!!

  10. Because it’s the original PS1. All PS2’s, all PS3’s play PS1 games. It’s a useless system to many. I keep mine for nostalgia reasons.

  11. Still is one of the nicest looking consoles. Have you seen what they did with consoles afterwards with all the weird curves and unneeded edges? DID YOU SEE THE XBOX 360.

  12. BTW I was Richard, the guy in a hoodie. While I did pretty great, everyone else did AMAZING. Especially Oswald and Gabby.

  13. A bit of background, this is a film my school made for a recent film festival, so I thought Sean would love it.

  14. Dude, this same thing happened to my sister in Fortnite. She had a pretty good friend she would play with, but then one day he started acting all professional about it and saying he had "a manager". Pretty sure he was lying because he'd rage every time he lost and be on the verge of tears. Even when he did win, it would be because his friends carried him, then he'd take all the credit. Kids these days, always thinking they're Ninja or something.

  15. Stan Lee. What an honest, amazing man who just wanted everyone to feel powerful in their own way. My other one would be Robin Williams. He died so suddenly, and it surprised everyone that such a hilarious man with an amazing life would have depression and end up commiting suicide.

  16. If I had a penny for every time I saw a boat fly in Sea of Thieves, I'd have 2 pennies, which isn't much, but it's weird it happened twice.

  17. Star Wars isn’t great at it but I think Marvel does it just fine. Young Michael Douglas and young RDJ look great!

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