1. When I have a whole tray of drinks and I set down 1 drink and they immediately go CAN I HAVE A STRAW

  2. With big tables, you're going around taking orders from everyone, answering questions and just about to leave, "Anything else I can do for you folks at the moment?"

  3. "nobody has gotten their drinks yet....there are 38 of you."

  4. I wonder what WOULD happen if they all flushed at the exact same moment?

  5. Saw one at a car show with an ls7 swap. Was insane.

  6. Togo's used to have wood paneling and arcades.

  7. It was CART racing in DTSJ, a precursor to Indy. Still...open wheel racing on the streets was awesome.

  8. Nobody from the bay calls it Frisco. Still, you are not wrong.

  9. Totally, loved the swanky lighting when you board the plane

  10. First thing to report is that she probably has no workers comp insurance which may be illegal, not sure about VA. In CA, I've known business owners who have been fined 50k for not having it. Google how to anonymously report this in VA.

  11. Once had a ex FBI agent and his wife. All night long they kept referring to me as hey you and snapping their fingers at me. I wear a big gold name tag on my lapel. I was being super attentive as we were slow. They complained about every course but did everything but lick their plates clean. They left no tip. Shit heads. After they left and I was cleaning up I might have found a loaded pistol under the table on the floor. I really wanted to throw it in the trash but being a nice guy I gave it to my manager.

  12. I had a table of 6 once during December. They decided to stiff me, not out of malice, but because they were all drunk. (I did not serve them that much). The group had rented a limo to go Christmas shopping. Their bill was ~300USD. And I got a big 0.

  13. Next up, the anal prolapse series....solder it back together yourself.

  14. JC Whitney sends you a Christmas card for keeping them in business.

  15. Depending on the state you are in, them firing you when you have a medical release may be illegal. Check up on it. Still....your boss is a cuntwaffle, leave ASAP.

  16. Trying to diagnose an amp on the internet is like trying to dance about architecture.

  17. Good guitars, but heard they don't have good resale value. If I bought one, it would would be one I was married to.

  18. Wish you could get Warwick bodies downscaled for regular guitars. Love the Thumb and the Vette both.

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