1. If this stuff has any factual backing, it is the product of societal norms, not evolution

  2. Lol I mean to say that if my team ever gets shut out to get blown out the second night in a row and put 13 games back, I'd be looking in the mirror and blaming my pathetic excuse of a baseball team, not the umps.

  3. Why is your life so sad? I mean, in the grand scheme of life, we are all rather insignificant, but you take that insignificance to a whole new level.

  4. Sad life? My team currently has the best record in the mlb😂

  5. That’s what I was getting at. You base your happiness on a sport, because your life is sad. Your actual LIFE is so sad in fact that you take to the internet and stalk opponents subs to post snarky hate comments. Either that, or you’re a 12 year old.

  6. Bro call my life sad all u want, ur gaslighting isn’t nearly good enough to get on my nerves. What I do know is that Astros fans have little integrity and now karma finally catches up to you all and it’s all excuses. I hope you cherish your time at the bottom of the league, certainly builds character and humility for your fans.

  7. The nice part about how the team is built is that they can essentially plug in somebody wherever for most injuries. Andujar could essentially be the everyday DH if any of Hicks, Gallo, Stanton, Judge, Rizzo, DJ, Torres or Donaldson get hurt. If he keeps hitting like this, he will get his chance to prove it. And if not, it means everybody is somehow healthy and we win 120 games

  8. Honest question: why does everyone assume Erwin wouldn't have been a yaegerist?

  9. I assume he would be totally depressed to hear that almost everyone around the world wants eldians exterminated, he might have gone totally scorched earth with eren because the truth he sought after his whole life was so ugly

  10. Depends how you define win, it’s highly possible that Ukraine holds off the Russians and keeps Kiv out of their hands. However it is unlikely that Ukraine will ever gain back the territory they have lost. It’s very difficult to stage a counter offensive when you don’t have the numbers.

  11. Are you a fan of Soulsborne games? If so, then ER is 100% worth it. I haven’t played a single minute of any other game since it came out

  12. I haven’t but it looks really fun and I’m interested, but I’m wondering if my last gen frame rate and video quality will ruin the experience

  13. Because Ukraine isn’t seen as a major ally of many nato countries and they don’t want to risk soldiers lives and escalation for a country that may hold different values

  14. 17-18, you have some fat but clearly a good deal of muscle

  15. I’m about the same build as you (6’ 4 and 173lbs) and I need 3500 every day to put on about a pound a week

  16. Oh definitely, I appreciate how straight forward this is. Do you have any advice as to how to discipline myself to eating below maintenance calories. I’ve tried numerous times but always end up to my poor eating habits

  17. You can snack all you want so long as the snacks you eat are high protein and low carbs. Do some research when you buy snacks so that you lower the amount of total carbs you consume each day. Lots of people don’t understand that cutting can consist of eating just as much food as before, but just changing up your diet.

  18. Jujutsu Kaiden, Tokyo ghoul and Vinland saga are all great

  19. You have to purchase for each state, it may seem expensive but it’s really important for the high quality of wildlife management you only can find in America

  20. They can decide how big the explosion should be, whether that be nothing at all or a nuke

  21. Last year I traded James Robinson and stefon diggs for Derrick Henry after week 2. I thought I was getting lucky

  22. Full pumpkinseed, green sunfish hybrids have dark pectoral fins with bright red highlights

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