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  1. Your budget and being in the UK are your the biggest constraint. I assume you want big so it could be used as a club if you need it. You could get a nice bright pocket size tactical style light (like the Wurkko FC12 or Sofirn IF22A) in that budget though. You could buy a Sofirn C8L which is a bigger tactical style light in your budget if you buy direct from their websidte.

  2. I ordered from Walmart and it got cancelled too.

  3. Convoy's 12/13 mode ui isn't that complicated. If you want to change modes watch some YouTube videos. Once you do it a couple times it's quite easy to do.

  4. What are the sp10's strengths in your opinion?

  5. I should have added that the price is the same as on AE and Wurkkos.com. I just ordered a red 4000k with blue Aux light, Walmart claims it will be here by Friday. Anybody have an estimate of the lumen output for the 4000k?

  6. From Wurkkos they told me: "in fact, the 1400lm are the true lumen values for the 4000K version. The 5800K version we tested in the lab maxed out at 1600lm"

  7. Wow, those are impressive numbers considering the size. Thank you for the information.

  8. The Convoy T3 519a would be a good choice for a high cri 14500.

  9. Convoy S2+ 18350 is a good choice with lots of emitter options. You could also get a Convoy T3 with an 519a emitter. The Wurkkos TS10 would be a lot of fun if you could find one.

  10. I sleep with my wife, but the flashlights above my bed are:

  11. Size and budget? Do you want to light of a wide area or see things far away?

  12. Many Linux users mask their OS in their browser because of stupid developers who want to deny them access. Hell, right now I'm on a RPi running Linux and it looks like I'm using a Chromebook according to my user agent.

  13. Yeah, I can't tell you how they think. The good news is that it's a bit less common these days than it was say 10 years ago.

  14. Fuck them! There are consequences for their actions. How many lives are they ruining with their legislation?

  15. It's a little longer than the klarus e1, but take a look at the Convoy S2+. There are a lot of emitter options, but if you aren't that familiar with emitters I suggest getting an 519a with an OP reflector if you want a good quality general purpose light.

  16. IM just seems to work better for me. Definitely easier, SubQ, but I will take the extra hassle for what works for me personally.

  17. Was looking at the reviews and also saw a similar experience with overheating.

  18. If you want an alternative to the TS21 check out the Sofirn IF25A for about the same price. It is brighter and has better heat management. Get the 4000k version.

  19. 5000+ Lumens ... single 21700, Noctigon K9.3, everything else I am thinking of is either less than 5000 lumen or have a different battery configuration.

  20. Random war booty, probably. Lots of Nazi gear came here in US duffel bags.

  21. Yeah, was going to say this. My grandfather took some shit from dead nazis too.

  22. Children of men checks out..everything except the infertility, but lets give it 5 more years.

  23. Global fertility is falling though, and pretty rapidly too.

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