1. It would be great if you posted a text list along with this graphic. I do love the graphic.

  2. I don't do text lists - graphics baby. But I'll refer you do D Johnson on Twitter - He's the GOAT with the text lists - check him out.

  3. Did I miss WeJo up there? Actually, I suppose it doesn’t fit. It’s not electrification or autonomous

  4. When the ticker changes it will be added

  5. Love these charts. I would classify YAC as online retail.

  6. Awesome, you're right! havent visited the website yet haha ;)

  7. Ahh good to know! Will remove hahah

  8. Maybe i missed it but rivian recently said they would be open to the spac route

  9. Love your graphics! It could be worth labeling it Selected 2019-21 De-SPACs, or have some fine print indicating that it's a selection of 2020/21 de-SPACs + SPCE from 2019.

  10. Awesome feedback! Will add a note. Thanks for this bro. Didn’t know about most of these, my chart just has the ones from March 2020 to now

  11. https://www.reddit.com/r/SPACs/comments/mp6e6c/announcements_x_daily_discussion_for_apr122021/guaz0o9/

  12. not sure if I should sell all my NGAC to buy more THCB...

  13. If i had to pick between those two, definitely THCB. But then again look at RMO, this could Be a great price for thcb considering it’s still a spac

  14. OUCH!! And I just bought in because of Traveloka lol. Traveloka isn't a bad target, granted is not as good as Tokepedia.

  15. What’s the latest Gsah spec? Block-fi spec has died down, any others that are big?

  16. Any thread link from reddit, ST, or TWTR?

  17. I’m yet to make good money buying into spacs, they are complete gambles

  18. It's a totally different environment nowadays with the excessive # of SPACs coming out, and market sentiment. Last two quarters of 2020 and up to $SNPR DA 2021, it was like hitting the lotto on most DAs. Regardless, they still interest me and a lot of good companies that already merged are at a really good price right now.

  19. Great chart. I imagine the right chart will be getting bigger soon.

  20. Yes, well there are a lot more indeed but for my updates I will just focus on the top 15 so new tickets will rotate in or out.

  21. I'm new here and hesitant to join the conversation, but I wonder if a straight forward data table wouldn't be more clear, like a leaderboard but with more detail. For each company, these are the values I wind up looking up for each ticker in order to better understand the winners and losers.

  22. Great feedback! I def think this is a good idea and would benefit people, however, for my graphics I try to make them as simple and with less data as possible. This is a great idea for a individua spac card idea tho. :)

  23. What about AJRD in terms of launch services like Rocket Lab and SpaceX. Seems like they've been around for a long time. I know it's not a SPAC but just spitballing ideas.

  24. It's in there. First logo. Under LMT since they bought out AJRD

  25. I'd add LMT in here too if we are including Raytheon. It's both value and space. It makes up about 3% of ARKQ currently.

  26. I don't know a single company in the top15 losers

  27. I would chalk that up as a good thing lol

  28. missing NEBC and ROVER DA. Trading below NAV

  29. While that is true, NEBC doesn't have options yet. This list is DAs with Options.

  30. Do you specifically own options for these?

  31. I have Flipkart already under considering SPAC or IPO list under my SPACHUNT series (check it out) Acme energy though I haven't heard of, can you link an article for that one?

  32. Is that Lime the cell phone provider In the Caribbean? It’s literally either that or digicell in the West Indies

  33. Superb :) Great tool I am using to cross-check my watchlist against

  34. One chart to track them all! This is the fourth version. I want to keep this chart updated and correct to help as many people as possible to keep them in track and plan accordingly to fit their portfolios. If you spot any mistakes or anything missing, please point it out. (Keep an eye on the version date though.)

  35. Apologies if I missed it but what about ALTU for aviation? Great work as always!

  36. Thanks! DA is not confirmed for ALTU and Aerion.

  37. What's the difference between AGC and AGCB?

  38. Two difference SPACs from the same sponsor. The article didn't specify which SPAC GRAB was referring to. Although a new article came out today saying the first one... so I guess AGC.

  39. Would like to say ty for doing this. Makes busy mornings when I can't read every post in here much easier!

  40. Yesterday, SVFB and SVFC newly listed on the Nasdaq. I think it means the SVFA will be DA soon. It would be great SVFA is the Grab!

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