1. Oh wow! I love this entire aesthetic. You should post in

  2. My mom laments the loss of the good Sativa strains from the 70s and 80s.

  3. Just tried the Ozone AJF LLR is also 🔥 but sounds like a different terp profile. LLR definitely has strong floral tones.

  4. Huh! I could see that part coming out in the right settings. As it sat in my glass jar, the fruity vibes really started to shine. I just smoked it so fast because it’s fun too. 😂

  5. great photos! fermented sock fruit sounds like something people might have done to get drunk. thanks for sharing

  6. Thanks! 😂 I’ve heard peach schnapps was originally made in a sock. Lol!

  7. Hazmat og and some fruit punch gatorade 🐊 time to kick back.

  8. I really want some of those trellises! Looks nice!

  9. No drugs, no way is like my amusement park motto. (Psoriatic arthritis joke) Lmao.

  10. That’s too funny, I don’t really know you, but can totally picture you getting in trouble for dancing away from your seat! Bringing the Entwives vibes 🤝 😂

  11. I got in trouble a lot. A lot. 😂😂 I’m not a tiny girl so we didn’t all fit in our row. I was the only one hard core dancing. It was weird but I didn’t care! I enjoyed myself! I wished we could all be there. Roger talked about his shows being a bar you can walk into & have open dialogue. I’m not 100% sure he really meant that but I’d love to have an EWives convention. How cool would that be???

  12. That would be amazing! And a great reason to travel! 😉

  13. You’re making me want to grab some GC so I can drink coffee with it. Sounds awesome.

  14. Haven’t slept in years. Dang, I feel you. I haven’t had a full night sleep since like 2019. It’s fucked. Mag landrace, crumpets, and black out have been the only few that really let me sleep throughout the entire night that I’ve noticed. I wonder what the common factor is between the three. 🤔

  15. That MAC 1 would make for an excellent hedge. It’s thicc!

  16. I have sooo much laundry to do!! 😂 This is my reminder.

  17. Congrats!! I’m super proud you’ve come so far! 🌱💚

  18. Cheesy? 😆. That's how I would normally interpret the foot thing. I love eating cheese even when funky.

  19. You know, I bet it could be considered that. In my notes, I’m even using the term cheeto dust to describe how the bud itself looks. 😂 It has like a fine orange dusting. Pretty cool!

  20. I like the dusting. Hopefully i can get my discount situation either out today and grab some later today.

  21. Yep, definitely look for that sale price! I was super happy with that aspect.

  22. Nice haul! Looks like you’re set ☀️

  23. Mmm forbidden milk chocolate wafer. 🤔

  24. Happy Monday morning now 😉 and thank you so much!

  25. Thank you! That is so kind to say! 😊

  26. Ha. Every day is Halloween! 😉 love it!

  27. My plan was to actually chop this little bugger in time for Halloween... call it, Halloweed 😂

  28. 😂 I need to be doing this! Thanks for the inspiration

  29. I’m going to fourth all this. I grabbed one as well to try and totally liked it. I unwrap mine and smoke too. 😂

  30. I’m in love with that shelf/credenza behind the plant!! 🤩

  31. Oh gosh! So pretty! I’m into the spherical shape.

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