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  1. I truly hope someone uses it as a sack celebration against him. (Or as close as they can get it pads)

  2. Oh god. Just imagining D linemen throwing out a different yoga pose every time someone sacks him almost makes this all worth it.

  3. FR I always wonder in these cases who lines up to be the FOURTH spouse?

  4. It was before the internet and police databases. It seems like she used magazine dating to meet all these men, and married all of them within weeks. On top of that, every time she’d kill someone she’d pretty much leave town for a different state and start up a new life. Odds are the husbands barely knew anything about her or her past.

  5. I really liked how he came in that year. During his first interview, some reporter was clearly trying to bait him to rag on EJ and he just completely shut that down. He got us to 9-7, and then just completely vanished into the sunset

  6. I got that impression too. Seems like a brand new cop who does shit like this constantly and gets on veteran cops nerves.

  7. is that how thor was actually described in the mythology? i always thought he was like a good guy

  8. While some religions like Christianity and Islam ultimately focus on “be a morally good person”, Norse Paganism would have focused more on “Be Strong and Brave” with less if any focus on being good. Thor certainly killed a bunch of things, but he never really was nice about anything. There are interpretations where the things he is killing are more or less evil, but it’s really easy to interpret the Norse gods as just total bloodthirsty assholes if you wanted to.

  9. I think Sam Darnold should have been looked at the way Allen was looked at. He needed to sit behind an established quarterback behind a solid coaching staff for at least a season.

  10. I think we saw from Doug Flutie's career (and almost saw from Drew Brees') that the NFL did not know how to properly utilize smaller QBs for a long time. So I'm going to point the finger at my favorite franchise and say Andre Ware.

  11. Yes, because this is nonsense, propaganda, if you think any politicians, republicans or otherwise are willing to publicly support rape, or any violent crime… then you are an idiot.

  12. "Oh no a pedestrian is in my path; I should slow down" - works everywhere.

  13. You should travel more dude. Cause that’s definitely not how it works everywhere.

  14. I’ve definitely noticed a change during the pandemic. I think it makes a lot of sense considering what we’ve all been going through, however annoying it is. There seems to be less traffic policing as well, and the roads do seem more crowded to me than say 5-8 years ago.

  15. Yup, definitely less traffic policing in the last couple of years. I think I’ve only seen one speed trap in the last year.

  16. Had a drunk guy saying casually racist things to a white Pats fan at a Bills game who didn’t really know how to handle it. Just being loud and obnoxious the whole game.

  17. If they reported this they'd have to do explain why our border is still a clusterfuck. They can't blame it all on Trump so they just ignore it.

  18. I mean it’s not like a giant wall would have stopped this.

  19. A wall actually might’ve discouraged an entire truck from crossing illegally. Forcing people to use the port of entry is ideal

  20. You get that the wall only really slows pedestrian traffic, right? This truck didn’t just drive threw untamed desert, it most likely came threw a proper port of entry.

  21. You know what, I'll bite the bullet. I think Joffrey is complex.

  22. I don’t think any of those things make him complex though. I think the most you can say about his upbringing is that his Dad didn’t even notice him, and his mom was a narcissistic sociopath. That’s all you really get with Joffrey, and that’s all you really need to justify why he’s insane.

  23. I think I’m in the same boat as you. I enjoyed it but I eventually set it down after the second boss. The whole time I was playing it my thought process was “this should have been a switch game”.

  24. Oof. This game isn’t meant for console IMO. I’m a KBM guy for FPS through and through. Recently converted in the last few years. I hope one day to follow you into battle on PC

  25. I mean it’s absolutely fine on console in that respect, not really sure what you’re talking about here.

  26. Being brand new at this game is a fantastic experience. Not knowing what the fuck is going on and the experience of just getting shot at is really second to none

  27. Is that... ethical? I think a human would go mad if they had to do this.

  28. Fuck man, give me a VR and milk my titties, sounds better than my regular job

  29. The origins of postal dude

  30. The pee made me think this was an ad for the new Postal game

  31. So I haven’t played in like 6 months. What’s a summon?

  32. Coming here for the answer is not what you should be doing.

  33. As in the comments or as in listening to the Joe Rogan podcast.

  34. Probably trading for Case Keemun. A Josh Allen injury is pretty much inevitable in the future, so having a backup with legit starter time would be huge if we needed him for a few games.

  35. I always pictured a slightly younger Charles Dance, but I could definitely buy it.

  36. My hot take; Tyrod in the game before that got him benched was way worse.

  37. How does Davis compare to Diggs as the number 1 option? Obviously Diggs is all world and a baller but Davis has became a beast as well. Just wondering what Bills fans or others think of Davis

  38. It’s important to note that the majority of Davis production last year came from playing in the slot. I think it would be prudent to keep him in the spot where he’s dominating.

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