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  1. Well I mean.....you do you. I'm just stating fact about the best helminth ability for hunt and that it requires more skill to DPS without Volt. Idc if u wanna be inefficient

  2. I didn’t mention Mirage because I had built her and sold her long before the helminth system was a thing and it’s so fucking tedious to farm sephalon for 75,000 standing. I’d much rather farm for Oberon with friends since the railjack is pretty fun with a team (it seems his farm was switched to railjack but correct me if I’m wrong)

  3. It's not hard to farm simaris. Be invis ivara and walk around scanning every enemy In a capture mission until you cap for the day. It just takes a few days.

  4. Yeah that’s tedious as I had said already

  5. Pretty sure the AOE kitguns are still top tier

  6. Thank you! I must have misunderstood the video I watched. They swapped fire mode and the buff disappeared, and I assumed that meant the buff was totally gone. Thank you for correcting me

  7. Do you own the mod? If so just go to simulacrum and test it... thats why it exists. In case you dont own it, why would you care about that detail of functionality?

  8. I don’t own it yet but I plan on getting it to make a build. Is planning out a future build such a crime lol

  9. Saryn was the strongest. Also a lot of people told me Tiberon prime was exceptional when I first started

  10. Though he is infamous in the community, unless he's a content creator partnered or affiliated with DE, the rule is that you shouldn't name him as he's just the same as a player much like you or anyone else in the thread.

  11. Although it’s a bummer that is a fair rule

  12. Hello /u/Savathun, your comment has been removed from

  13. got a decent magistar riven for my corpus killer sancti magistar; +dmg to corpus, +crit chance, +cold. anyone have any ideas how this could be improved/what i should try to roll for?

  14. Not sure what you should roll for but the Sancti Magistar with a crit focused raw damage build for its unique heavy attack makes you immortal as long as you don’t get one shot

  15. an ideal riven is something like, +toxin +crit chance +crit dmg right? and probably some meaningless curse like -crit chance while sliding or something. the toxin lets you max out the toxin damage with riven + primed fever strike + virulent scourge and the crit chance/crit damage is obvious

  16. I’ve heard the best raw damage choice is corrosive + cold, so any element in there plus your crits stats would be good.

  17. Always fun to see US tax dollars at work

  18. I’d say more shame on the military for not providing her enough equipment

  19. Code vein is much better suited for anime

  20. Dispite you getting downvoted. Can you lead me to a ds2 sotfs private server thing been wanting to play with my friend.

  21. The games conviently had those massive issues, but didn't get pulled off-line until a decade later, when elden rings about to come out.

  22. Lol no one knew about it until very late. The only person who found it was someone on the cutting edge for making cyber protection for the souls games

  23. People sent gonna know off the bat what specific build it’s supposed to be used for unless they strictly say they LF a certain neg or stats so most people gonna see those stats for castañas and ignore it

  24. It’s meant for Ivara for Eidilon hunting

  25. The cycron market seems pretty profitable. Lots of people posting for 4k+ but sitting for months. Realistically put it for 1.5-2k and it will move.

  26. No way it’s that high. 400 tops but I don’t see it selling for over 200 since it’s missing crit

  27. Honestly maybe I stopped there cuz I ran out of kuva at the time

  28. Saaaaame. Tried my luck with an argonak riven and now I’m broke

  29. I know but maybe you can but hunter munitions to add more slash

  30. I already assumed you would run munitions since the Kuva Karak has good crit values. A heat, slash, CC, and a negitive would go for a lot I bet

  31. Isn’t that the one you want negative Cc?

  32. Ember because she understands flames and heating the best?

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