1. IMO build for your situation. Each of those 4 builds has its own strengths and use cases. There are other builds as-well that you can experiment with. I’ve posted before about a 3-hit burst build. Other than the strengths and weaknesses of each build, they also power spike at different times.

  2. Sorry for being back and old ass comment but I’m just starting to play varus, are these recommendations still relevant?

  3. Yeah if you could figure out some way to get burned or poisoned a Facade coming off of Slaking with that item would do stupid damage.

  4. Burned is a terrible idea since without guts you still loose 50% base attack

  5. Slow orb looks terrible on anything but assurance

  6. I am not sure why Fire Types get their damage reduced when there is already another weather reducing it. Also, wind is the main cause of fire spreading quicker…

  7. I like that speed boost, very interesting. I’d still be interested in keeping either whirlwind OR tailwind buffs

  8. No they meant it’s moved to the +1 prio braket

  9. She actually gives you one and tells you she can’t remember what they are but that they are useful.

  10. I think she was more being coy and didn’t want the fact that she is going hollow to be known to a stranger

  11. A good starting point is to pick something as inspiration like an animal or a theme. For example; a peacock. Find a picture, match some colors, and toy around with putting them in different slots till you get something you like. Another thing I do is to hit random until I get something I kinda like, and then tweak individual colors to make it feel better.

  12. I’ve tried to use the random feature but Khora prime just always looks ugly no matter how hard I try

  13. Kuva and relic pack limits from Teshin was the big controversial change yesterday.

  14. As someone without access to steel path what does that mean?

  15. Until the patch, you could stock up on Steel Essence, and when a new prime dropped, buy a theoretically "endless" amount of relic packs the day a new Prime was released. They cost 15 essence each, and you can earn 25 per day (plus any Acolyte kills give 2 more) just from daily Incursions (there are 5 missions every day that give 5 for completion, and if an Acolyte spawns, it drops 2 on death). You can also farm up essences via survivals, as Acolytes tend to spawn every 5 minutes. So easily 150 essences a week without doing much more than the 5 daily missions, and probably a theoretical endless amount if you focus farmed essences via survivals.

  16. Thank you, very insightful! I see the supposed issue with the relics but I can’t see any issue with Kuva. The higher the roll usually the less value a riven has and refilling a riven won’t ever break the game before of the disposition mechanic

  17. Or run Archon Flow plus Cold on the diwata since it's a partial stat stick for the butterflies to get extra enegry drops on everything they lasthit.

  18. Not sure which is more confusing. The caption or the fight

  19. beaches itself after trying to snack on a human

  20. Idk both bad but the sucker punch guy was way past wrong

  21. Oh no… early 2000 era vets are infact 18 years old now :<

  22. Everyone is a capitalist until capitalism starts working against them.

  23. Well monopolies and corrupt politicians are the worst enemies of a free market :/

  24. The economy is tanking and it’s sad to see businesses who were already struggling before finally go belly up. If I wasn’t at risk already I’d spend more to shop local but I can’t even do that now

  25. Lol your friend has to be screwing with you, you should always max elder first and you even got lucky with the sage ring! The rest of the build mediocre (which is to be very expected when you are so early in the game!) I don’t know why he would say that your build is try hard. Also don’t understand why he thinks it will break the game XD you don’t even break even with your level investment until level 120 which is easily mid game or even early late game.


  27. Hey I also saw the tarantula wasp in Florida and it was not that moth. How can they live in Florida with no tarantulas?

  28. Apparently they do in those pined Forrests?

  29. How do people get their frames to look so good!

  30. Remove all stats in defense and sp defense, add them to attack. Give it a signature priority move to boot

  31. Remove all stats in defense and sp defense, add them to attack. Give it a signature priority move to boot

  32. What’s it’s typing??? The paradox pokemon have the most random typing

  33. I bought my omega 3 weeks ago and it dropped my saves, stopped working anymore. It was finicky and the PCB was always loose in the shell from new. My everdrive was bought a few months after this was originally posted and still works perfectly. Glad I spent the extra money back then

  34. Im glad I hacked up the money for the everdrive. Only ever had one issue. One of my saves for a Pokémon rom didn’t go all the way through I guess and I lost about an hour of progress which isn’t THAT bad

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