1. I feel like you only looked at Tinkaton’s stats and decided it wasn’t any good without actually using it. That or you had no idea what you were doing with the build.

  2. Maybe it’s just because my team was bulky? Every time I fought someone with it (so long as I wasn’t weak to steel) it didn’t feel like a threat at all

  3. idk i 1hko all of geetas teem, and i only used gigaton hammer on 2 of her mons, the rest were play rough

  4. I know the samurai armor have a reed cape that matches. Also there are a few red hoods but your would have to take some creative liberties there

  5. Literally only that one and it doesn’t drop anything unique:<

  6. I really like Rock Terra Lycanroc Dusk, accelerock OHKO

  7. I can drop all of my materials if you can help me mule?

  8. It’s actually less bulky than Garganacl because of its HP stat being noticeably lower than its evolution.

  9. Rock in sand storm gives an additional 1.5x spdef

  10. Sorry meant to comment to someone else :(

  11. Just tested it on Komala to no avail. Tried to spore it and looks like comatose beats it.

  12. honestly its a scuffed nerfed version of mold breaker, inferior in every way

  13. Some one else mentioned it would guarantee a free switch in since sleep is a guaranteed 1 turn and a slow sleep would provide that (it’s not alot but it’s something I guess, if only it also got parting shot)

  14. thanks for the advice!! that’s the price i pay for being too bold lol. appreciate your help! :]

  15. Foolish not bold, I hope you are alright

  16. Yeah I made it a decent way but I just decided to reroll earth when that mf kept going through mitosis on me and multiplying

  17. Oh wow that’s a really tough boss especially for beginners. If you run into that bastard again I recommend picking up the hot shot mod (bought from the boss weapon lady). Since it has multiple bodies you can burn each of them for an exponentially more potent burn

  18. Souls planner has the weapon at max level

  19. People have done coop randomizer runs for Dark Souls, I'm pretty sure nobody really cares. Would I do it, no, but most of my gaming group suck at anything that's not a shooter so.

  20. Yeah they will get banned if they do that online

  21. The goldmask’s rags shows the abs but they don’t provide much protection. If you really wanna see the abs then you could just wear those or just the bra and simply use the Black flame protection spell which increases your damage negation (reduces damage taken) for a short amount of time.

  22. I don’t know if anyone else has said it yet but the champion Chest

  23. A thing to keep in mind, casting speed only affects specific parts of the casting animation, specifically the "charging" part where you hold the casting tool in the air. This is most easily seen with the combustion spells as their speed cap is hit at pretty low values.

  24. Oh wow, thank you I never knew! Would a cast speed of 186 be excessive for resonate soul and dark hail?

  25. Generally speaking, there's no difference in speed from anything above 150 casting speed

  26. Even if my catalyst have base 100 speed?

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