1. The gutter and black gulch are very easy.

  2. Wait greatswords can use wave of darkness? I just wish they had better hyperarmor/speed

  3. I’m with you too. I don’t know how to adapt my Relinquished deck now? Maybe another super poly target?

  4. Really common misprints like these in these sets. Not worth a lot I'd imagine

  5. if you mean opening a copy of either Gamma (3) or Called by (1), your chances of opening one or the other is 41.83% in a 41 card deck. So pretty good

  6. Wouldn’t it be a bit higher if I squeeze it down to 40 including an upstart goblin? Kinda making it a 39 card deck?

  7. For sure that's better if you can squeeze it down but if you can't 41 will work fine

  8. I might do that. I originally ran AA-Zeus to combo with Joyous Melffy but I never really use that anymore :/

  9. Sadly no, I posted the comment too early by mistake.

  10. I’ll definitely still run it since it will help out for the other turns

  11. Is there a place I can ask for deck building help? I’m trying to remake my first deck I ever built (Tri-Melffy)

  12. Kaiju-Relinquished is my all time favorite. But the first deck I ever made was Tri-Melffy. Recently went back to remake the deck and I’m enjoying it for sure!

  13. He admitted to it in this very thread, though he came up with an excuse on why he vanished.

  14. Did he! Must have been a new addition. It’s always important to get both sides of the story before jumping to conclusions.

  15. He said "he had to get off because my friend wanted to play" (something like that).

  16. Bless your kind heart, I’ve got 40k souls sitting in that arena.

  17. There are places to farm crap tons of runes tho? Isn’t the best farm like 2.1 mill an hour?

  18. Not spawning but save scumming. I explained in a different comment. Technically not cheating

  19. Do you have Miquellan Knight sword or Erdtrees Favor +2?

  20. If you are still willing to help I’d love it

  21. Dope! Would you be willing to trade later tonight?

  22. I am here from the future, nobody really cared about the fluted set change.

  23. It baffles me that people act like that 🙃

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