1. you live in a facist apartheid ethnostate my brother you shouldn't be proud to be apart of the proverbial Aryan master race of the "country"

  2. Gameranx - The same people that hired PressFartToContinue that harassed streamers?

  3. I know this is an old thread but can you please explained what happened? I found something about pressfarttocontinue stalking presshearttocontinue or something but I don't know who either are and what this has to do with gameranx?

  4. Oh poor poor you, gamers are truly the most opressed minority. Literally 1984

  5. I have no fucking idea. I moved here around 9 months ago and was already in a mass shooting, no joke

  6. Yeah thanks for asking. I still try not to go to huge gatherings since these things still happen so much, this country sucks.

  7. Dont project your cowardice onto me.

  8. Ok I'm sure you would be willing to put up with up to 3 years in prison to protest a government that you deem oppressive. The israeli government is not a very good government, in fact it's terrible, but it is simply unfair to deem every civilian who doesn't want to go to prison to be not innocent because of their government

  9. Easily, because I'm not a fucking coward. And also no it isnt unfair, if they want to talk about unfair treatment we can take a stroll down to the settlements and see how "unfair" some people have it. Oh no, some westerner talked down to me about my abhorrent politics, how UNFAIR, lmao.

  10. You are correct the settlements ARE terrible. What I'm saying is unfair is not you talking, you can talk all you want. What I was saying was unfair was deeming every person not willing to go to fucking prison for 3 years a part of the "oppression" is. Every conversation I had about this topic goes exactly the same way: israel did this, palasteine did that. We can talk endlessly about it but I honestly don't want to, it just irritates me when a person defending palasteine or a person defending Israel pretends like either one is some sort of demon oppressor or some sort of angel do-goober, that's simply not the case. Both have done bad shit and to say "they did this they did that" is not going to lead anywhere

  11. uj/ it's actually a great list of games I have never heard of but look cool, which is not usally what happens when publications make these "hidden gems" lists rj/ can someone please tell me what game that is? I've never heard of it

  12. Last of us 3, Uncharted 5, God of war ragnorak. Nothing big or anything

  13. Wait until you find out what Martin Luthor said about us...

  14. What if Morbius took the gauntlet, snapped, and said to Tony “I am Venom” as his dying words? 😳😭

  15. What if morbius took the gauntlet, snapped, and said to Tony "VENOOMMMMMMM I GOT THAT ADRENIUM MOMMMENTEMMMMM VENOMMMMM" as his dying words?😳😭

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