In 1988 the U.S. government wanted to see how strong reinforced concrete was, so they performed the "Rocket-sled test" launching an F4 Phantom aircraft at 500mph into a slab of it. The result? An atomized plane and a standing concrete slab

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  1. He was beat the longest reining AEW champ, who is one of his best friends to win the title. Was the first person to beat Danielson, had two classic matches with him. Did a buckshot lariat off a ref to beat their resident monster and put a barbed wire crown on Adam Cole. How is that a bad run?

  2. Yeah, I’ll give you that. But that’s nitpicking an awesome run

  3. Yeah, it just stands out I think cause Cole at that point was shoved so hard for some ok matches and a great end.

  4. I don't think anyone does opiates at circuit parties.

  5. You'd have to be a special kind of retard to support nazis while being polish.

  6. Not really, that's like saying that Britain supporting what the Nazis would've wanted when they went after Turing for being gay.

  7. Far right, nationalist rhetoric, anti gay and minority, all about pure white Nordic blood. Yea pretty Nazi adjacent

  8. Balkans, Hitler, settlement of the America’s, the slave trade, conversion therapy, purposeful beating and drowning of migrants is are modern forms of Christian violence also forced pregnancy.

  9. I didn't realize Hitler was still alive and that America was still being settled and slaves were still a thing. My b!

  10. He used Christian fascism to enact his policies. Also I said modern, not current, modern in a historical context included that, go do some research on your own.

  11. Personality quizzes are not scientifically backed and are often referred to as pop psychology

  12. The US is inherently a right wing super state, naturally California is hated(not saying that’s good). Also it’s the state that gave us Ronald Regan

  13. “Hello my friend. I am living in Denver, USA and I would like to make lifelong relationship. How do you think?” Btw this is a direct quote from a bot this morning.

  14. This place use to be a paradise. It was when I was a kid, but now it’s an over populated shit hole with a nazi infestation.

  15. The nazis were always here, just came out of hiding. But seriously around the villages I saw several American Nazi flags flying high. Terrifying

  16. They might as well just raid the whole villages and perimeter tbf, it’s basically the 4th reich there

  17. One guy wanted me to cum into a bottle for a week or two and freeze it so he could take it and would pay for it

  18. Oh God, reminds me of a post I saw on another reddit. Wife found her husband's cum jar hidden in a kitchen cupboard. He got super pissed when she threw it out. He was saving all his cum for jacking off in a jar and he refused to stop when his wife told him she wasn't comfortable with it. If I remember correctly, it later came to light he was feeding her his cum in her breakfast.

  19. I think it’s just how the style is, most guys these days keep short to medium short hairs on guys. For me personally I just prefer guys with short hair but a few particular guys with long hair could get it.

  20. I wouldn’t say most are evil but that most, at least modern ones are radicalized by some external situations, content.

  21. It’s not prophetic as much as it is studying history and researching these trends in history and politics. It’s terrifying

  22. Before everyone tells him to break up, how old is his boyfriend?

  23. You don’t think teenage relationships can be toxic or that toxic traits don’t start young?

  24. almost every relationship has toxic elements, many of which can be talked through

  25. There’s being stupid or being a dick and there is being actively toxic and controlling. These are documented red flags of an abusive and or controlling relationship. Talking an out In those situations are frivolous and can only exacerbate the behaviors. These behaviors are not age dependent. To think otherwise and to ignore documented behaviors is completely naive at best or willingly ignorant at worst.

  26. This is slowed down quite a bit. It's all coming from the same lightning strike. What you're seeing is additional return strokes moving up the original stepped leader due to the cloud having additional charge left to lose after the first discharge. It will continue to release return strokes until the charges equalize, sometimes over a dozen times like this one. In real time this is what makes a lightning strike flicker.

  27. Why wouldn't that be criminal? Lol. You can't do a crime but call it something else and get away with it. Triple H would need to alert the board to Vince's actions asap to even cover their asses if Vince did something so stupid because if the feds found out about it (divorces can be nasty, whose to say Steph won't share what Vince's did if they divorce? It'd be a great way to get hunter outta the wwe if things went bad. Hunter would probably not leave without a fight either.) Yeah, I dont think hhh would be that foolish. I'm sure he's been briefed about what to do and when if Vince tries to exert any kind of influence.

  28. “Why wouldn't that be criminal? Lol. You can't do a crime but call it something else and get away with it…”

  29. I’d believe it considering he called a repair man to fix the sound on his TV when the problem was just the TV was on mute and Vince didn’t know what that was.

  30. For a man who absolutely loves to control things you’d think he’d no what a mute button was.

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