1. Crayfish. Go to a place that specializes in ponds and find out what natural remedies they recommend.

  2. Is there a US embassy you can reach? Maybe they have the forms you need for filing or could assist you in finding those forms.

  3. Yes! The food is so good and I love that the dining area is so light and airy instead of the dark colors most Indian cuisine restaurants seem to favor.

  4. I agree about OTT trauma. It makes me think this is many author's short-cut to build character. Certainly normal conflict, rejection, and failures of childhood that are not traumatic are the majority character building events most people experience.

  5. The way I read your description is that you've "invented" something that could go light speed or near light speed, but not faster than light (FTL). I agree with others is to not get too deep into explanations and create a name for your FTL.

  6. I keep my chocolate in the freezer. I break up the bars into single pieces (from the score marks) and treat myself to one square after dinner. I prefer my chocolate to be really cold. I'll sometimes smear a teaspoon of peanut butter on it--YUM!

  7. There are tons of different types of turtles and the degree of sociality will vary greatly depending on the species. For instance, sea turtles will not usually travel together and likely to be alone in shallow water, but in deeper water they will congregate together to rest and display social behaviors such as cleaning each other. Many small freshwater semi-aquatic turtles will live in very close proximity to each other and interact regularly, including for each other’s mutual benefit. Some of the more solitary turtles are the larger tortoises which will often establish territories alone and act aggressive towards other tortoises that intrude.

  8. That's very interesting, thank you. Another video I saw where I no longer have the link is on dry land (grass, etc.) of a turtle on its back where another turtle came up and righted it. In that video there were only the two turtles.

  9. Bee poop? It looks like the droppings of the carpenter bees around my house.

  10. Yes! That's why I couldn't stick with Game of Thrones. I'm character oriented, so I want to get invested in one or two characters. I want to follow the plot from a limited POV.

  11. I've lived in Connecticut for over 60 years (yes, I'm an old fart) and I'm very happy to be living here. That said, there are "red" pockets in the state and public schools vary from really good to poor, depending on where you live so you'll need to do your research (which I see you've already started). Here's a link to state of

  12. It seems like you know a lot about this area, can you give me a top 3-5 recommendations that are all very distinct from each other? Because of all my food allergies growing up I just ate the same small set of foods over and over so I'm not very aware of the diversity of flavors in the world.

  13. To go along with the Indian food suggestion, you might want to start with lentils and other legumes. Don't be afraid of herbs and spices for flavor--so many aren't hot spicy. Another thing you could look into is miso--there are different miso flavors and miso paste can last months in the fridge. Good luck!

  14. Miso is made from fermented soybeans so that one wouldn't work for op's allergies.

  15. Not all miso is made from soy. Chickpea miso, for example, is made from chickpeas, brown rice, sea salt, sea vegetables, and koji (a type of rice) culture. There are other varieties of miso and all ingredients are listed.

  16. Topping suggestions: spinach (or other dark green like arugula), onion, mushroom, garlic, and other veggies you can tolerate; anchovies, shrimp, clams, and other fish you like; pepperoni, meat balls, pulled pork, and any other meats you like. I love tomatoes, but there's a whole lot you can do without toms and still get a delicious pizza. I think the trick is in the dough.

  17. Got them here in Cheshire. Had to get a Heron decoy for my pond.

  18. I think you need to speak to someone at the IRS to learn what your next step should be. When you got that automatic voice, could you opt to speak to an agent?

  19. I have a trilogy and all three books are self-published and also available as audio books. Do I create separate posts for each book or do I put the entire trilogy in a single post. Also, how do I expand the format to include the print and audio editions?

  20. You can do separate posts or one for the whole series together, whichever you prefer.

  21. Thanks, I'll check them out.

  22. A friend is allergic to garlic and she found that capers are a good substitute in many recipes. She can eat cooked onions, but has to go easy on them.

  23. I like to occasionally eat out for dishes I wouldn't prepare because they take too much effort or ingredients are hard to source and to learn about new cuisine. Most of my eating out forays are for lunch, so there's a savings there and I get to try/eat dishes I haven't yet made.

  24. If you look at a map, you'll see it's near some cool spots, such as Kinsman's Brew Pub in Southington (it's also near the Southington town line. There's lots of places to shop in Southington. If you have kids, I'd check the schools -- Cheshire has a good rep for their public schools.

  25. It could be a verification key like for logging onto a bank account instead of a second email or texted verification number.

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