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  1. think of it this way. maintenance cost money to do. You wouldn't do a maintenance on a game that you are going to cancel, that would be wasting more money. And executive hate losing money.

  2. Again, it was an encompassing maintenance. Over 100 some games were effected. Was probably just easier to just update as is and not remove one game if needed.

  3. But then why call out AW RBC specifically? When I heard this news I only heard about one game being affected.

  4. That’s incorrect. It was an update to a server (or servers) that affect a multitude of games. It just so happened to include AW. Also Nintendolife isn’t ran by Nintendo. It’s just a news piece that reports on Nintendo stuff. People are singling out this because it gives them hope

  5. Zacian is a legendary Pokémon. Not sure why you’re saying it’s not

  6. Yea I’d much rather grind for resources to make the yards than to just completely grind and grind. Ugh well I just started up a survive map. Would like to keep plugging away with the new mechanics for trying sake lol shame they thought taking that out was a good idea. Maybe we can convince them to put it back in

  7. For those confused these are just the old stats of TTar, it got nerfed in live but they didn't change the PTS stats.

  8. So those stats are what’s live in the game now?

  9. The "Old" stats are the live version and the "New" stats are the ones that Ttar had when it was first released on PTS for testing. They nerfed it when the released Ttar to live but forgot to update the PTS version.

  10. I said that because people dont know how good snap graphics are since they dont play it. I also never said snap graphics are bad.

  11. I haven’t boughten Snap yet, but have seen the trailers and it did look great. I think your assumption is just that. Assumption.

  12. It was all about the jokes we made along the way

  13. Pixar's making really good films that apply to different people. I'd rather they continue doing that than just churn out another Cars sequel.

  14. So what does this mean for the Jan 6 committee? I get the elections still need to happen in November, but if this woman were to win, then what? Really hoping Wyoming steps up and votes blue but…

  15. Any modded server is accessible by console, mobile, and PC

  16. Honestly would love to Christopher Lloyd reprise the role… but he might be too old to do it now

  17. Aaaand now you’re trolling. Guessing the whole cinderace/absol comment was too. Yea, piss off dude. I was right, you can’t handle Aegislash so you’re boohooing for it to be nerfed. Get good scrub.

  18. Yes I do. And with that, I’m out. It’s bad to feed the trolls. They end up depending on it because it’s only validity they can get.

  19. Hahaha this was simply amazing to read!

  20. There is single player. However there are no AI dinos. So you’re essentially playing by yourself

  21. Oh, well this is only the beta right? So it could be added in the future ^ - ^

  22. Yes, they are looking to add AI dinos in the future.

  23. I know it was up yesterday afternoon… I know it’s not much help and I apologize. Weird they would take it down

  24. Do you mean like joining community servers that have mods? If so, then yes. I’ve joined a community server that has the Giga, Argentinasaurus and a few others.

  25. That too :) you can only use them on servers that has mods? Can i for example be on official and have mod dino or colors?

  26. Unfortunately no. You can only play mods that are on modded servers.

  27. Made it to Ultra Class 1 lol yet I know I’ll probably never get that with how terrible my teams can be. I’m by no means saying I’m some super player. I make my mistakes/mess up from time to time. But sometimes you just get dealt a bad hand with teammates

  28. Hm, reaching Ultra should not be much of an issue tho.

  29. Depends. Typically either Glaceon or Aegislash. I fill in wherever needed (I usually call bottom but we know how people can be with not calling). Almost always try to go to dred when it’s up. And always go to zap roughly when it spawns. Depending where teammates are. If I’m not engaged with the opposing team, I’m leveling/defending goals.

  30. Maybe we are getting Raihan’s Charizars, Korrina’s Lucario etc in the game which is pretty cool. An oddball I’d want is Aaron and Vespiquen.

  31. You can find this design on redbubble! (I would just search “psych” and you’ll likely find it) I’m not sure if it’s the original artist who uploaded it there, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it on there and redbubble does pay the artist a percentage for each sale made using their art.

  32. Well that’s disheartening… actually kinda like the shirt

  33. She just passed away… such a tragedy

  34. You want a Christmas card? All right, here! Here’s your Christmas card!

  35. How…was he expecting that conversation to go?…

  36. That she would be immediately turned on and want to immediately jump on his… fish

  37. Brachiosaurus/Dreadnaughtus. Couldn’t pick between them lol

  38. Laugh all you want. The guy who does the podcast was used as a witness for Alex Joness’ deposition. Guy really knows what he’s talking about. And it’s been brought up a lot on Alex’s relationship with Tucker. What do you have to support that their buddies?

  39. That’s nice. Really don’t care what your opinion is anymore. It’s evident you can’t even have a conversation. I’m at least supporting my opinion. All you did was post a clip where there’s some promotion, which means jack all. I actually used something relevant. I mean, the guy was literally used as witness because of his deep dives of Jones. I think that says a lot. Anyways, you seem pretty pathetic in trying to show you’re somehow more elated in this topic.

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