1. You could have bought a new Tudor instead

  2. Dial on the left is dogshit, índices too small, minute indices too thick.

  3. I got two on my board, you bishhes better respect!!

  4. I usually buy from Hont, Jtime or Erick, but I haven't bought anything for many months. Looking to get that Glashutte diver that mayor williams showed.

  5. Go with the cheapest Scotch Brite. If you want spend more, go with Cape cod cloth. If your wallet is still heavy, go with rotation tool.

  6. Cape cod is a no go on titanium, it leaves it too shiny

  7. Wu sells mostly shitters, you will find More info no chinatime

  8. Do you have the website or whatapp I’m sorry I’m little new here

  9. I dont, but i am sure the people at chinatime do

  10. No More jubilee bracelets please!! All AliExpress r homages have jubilee bracelets, we need an oyster

  11. Haven't been interested in any reps the past few months, but this one I want.

  12. How do you know the escape wheel is bad?? Send it to a watchmaker. They can either diagnose and fix it, or get new Gen parts as needed. Some have replacement clone parts as well.

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