1. I'm in CS3 currently, choose Laura for the first 2 still thinking about changing to Sara, I'm going to see if my pick will stay the same till the end of the game, and maybe will because Laura's first appearance and Bond event are really good. Like her typing in all caps in her Arcus Mail lol.

  2. I got using the attack on stage 3, so I guess it's the only way to get it early, otherwise there'll be an event later

  3. I'll say Hinoki in compact 3 just because the jiggle is the only thing animated in that game lol

  4. I'm sorry Shido, but i am Persona 5 Royal

  5. People just bitch about it because their favourites aren't the main focus. And Ryujinmaru isn't a super op character so the power level dudes doesn't like it either. Just look a fan favourites SRW's and you will see a pattern.

  6. I can't, I had this problem with the live long and prosper sign too, god bless Freya for the V lol

  7. Gridman and Ernie I've deployed in almost every stage, Gridknight too but he's a late unit

  8. Only change I did was Tomache in the V2

  9. The jaburo stage in SRW GC, from the music, to the endless mooks and ace pilots from gundam and dragonar it was pretty cool

  10. Which super robot war games on steam feature these two together?

  11. 30 have the RX 78 and the infinity version of the Mazinger Z

  12. Super Robot Wars X, and yeah it's a tactical rpg with mechas

  13. I would happily accept something like the DS era games with short and alternative rosters.

  14. I'm playing P4G now, that's great lol.

  15. Yep, I've used two squads on my playthrough, one for space and other for the earth missions, there's not enough deploy slots.

  16. Where's Banjo/Maito when we need a billionaire

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