1. It brings a smile to my face knowing there's 6 million Republicans in California. They must be soooo unhappy.

  2. They are. I live next to a few of them. They are piss ants.

  3. This has got to have something to do w the cozy relationship between a lot of reviewers and movie studios. Rotten Tomatoes is owned by NBCUniversal for gods sake

  4. RT just aggregates reviews from pubs that aren’t owned burn NBCU though. Maybe they tip the scale of the math but they don’t control the words.

  5. Up until the recent Fed rate increases, because the interest rate was so much lower than inflation, a popular way for people with significant real estate assets to get money was taking loans out against those assets and then repaying them later on via the building's rent. The building's valuation depends on the building's future income, so lowering rent to get a unit filled gets the owner less money now as well as in the future.

  6. Insert Mac circling his hands to symbolize the economy of Paddy’s Bucks here.

  7. Go to Trailforks website and then you can segment trails by usage regulations. Only ones I can think of that actually are marked and generally abided as hikers only are the ones near Sandstone peak and the trails above PCH next to Mugu.

  8. Mountain bikes are supposed to give right of way to everyone (hikers & horses) on the trails in point Mugu state park

  9. Agreed they’re supposed to, and as a MTBer I certainly do, but there are a lot of folks on the trail who don’t.

  10. That is normal, if you want a DV360 report to report on attribution for a Floodlight, you have to assign it to the line item. But then the regular algorithm if you using anything other than a CPM bid, will optimise to the sum of all Floodlights you assign.

  11. Yeah this is correct. I’m still just irked by the idea of basic DSP/as tech features being thrown over the wall of “custom bidding”. Sure let me just do your job for you Google.

  12. Hire a data engineer is the answer you’re looking for.

  13. But in saying the case belonged in a Federal Court and in overturning the decisions of the lower courts, it effectively rules that this strike was illegal, and makes it easier to litigate strikes in the future. ACB says in her majority opinion “The Union’s actions not only resulted in the destruction of all the concrete Glacier had prepared that day; they also posed a risk of foreseeable, aggravated, and imminent harm to Glacier’s trucks. Because the union took affirmative steps to endanger Glacier’s property rather than reasonable precautions to mitigate that risk, the NLRA does not arguably protect its conduct.”

  14. Precisely. If you work as an at-will employee and quit on the spot would you also be liable for damages to the company under this logic???? Union employees are not at will but the same logic applies.

  15. I think TTD is $50k a month but don’t know if that’s changed.

  16. when i talked to ttd last year they said $100k monthly minimum with 18% fee (excluding any data fees). you’d get charged that 18% based off the $100k minimum even if you don’t hit that monthly minimum lol

  17. Yeah that minimum part is standard to all DSPs. It’s set up to be more akin to a software license. There aren’t many major DSPs I know of who will skip on that unless their business model is focused on smaller clients or they are desperate for business

  18. Not clear on what you’re trying to achieve but the lowest level of data you can get from TTD is the log files. They call it REDS (raw event data stream) and you can either push it to an S3 and ingress it from there, or if you’re a snowflake customer you can get a data share set up and get it direct.

  19. Why not just take over the energy infrastructure so that we aren’t paying a profit tax on a basic need?

  20. Because Sponge Bob lives there, what kind of heartless bastard are you????????

  21. Watching KTLA right now, and they interviewed a mom and a dad. The woman said the school is taking away their rights as a parent. What rights are they taking away? The dude was saying how they're too young to be exposed and could be confused into being gay. Like what the fuck.

  22. Similar thing happened to a school in Newbury park when someone spray painted anti LGBTQ messages over the reading of a book in 3rd grade. The dad at the center of the controversy is still trying to stretch his 15 mins on conservative media.

  23. Yeah but we have no idea what issues will start appearing in Ford Mustang Mach-Es or other new EVs coming out now. A lot of EVs have come out in the last 2-3 years while the Model S has a 10 year track record. It's not a good track record, but the devil you know can often be better than the devil you don't.

  24. That logic is kind of useless. If you want 10 years to buy a car from any other brand outside of Tesla, they’re going have overhauled the model completely by that point and kill anything you thought you knew about it. 2-3 years is about the standard time in market to get a sense of most major issues for a given model.

  25. Dude most people don't get new cars every 2-3 years so if we don't know how reliable the car will be after that time horizon it could be a big financial risk.

  26. That’s not what I said. I said for all other OEMs, waiting 2-3 years to see how well a model fares in reliability is pretty much the best you can hope for. So if Kia refreshes the Niro on 2023, and in 2025 you’re in market, then by that time you should have a decent understanding of what issues other owners have run into that could be a problem. If you wait until 2033 to buy a Niro, the Niro sold in 2033 won’t be anything like the 2023 Niro you’re comparing it to.

  27. Do you recommend the campaign name_PrismaID appended at the end? What if your campaign has several buy types? Thank you again!

  28. Yeah that would be the most ideal. If the Prisma campaign has multiple buy type you can use the same Prisma Id across multiple campaigns in TTD. TTD just treats campaign names as strings so it won’t break bc the Prisma Id shows up multiple times.

  29. Hi, I’m back with more questions. It seems that Prisma can’t provide subtypes into Ignitia (or OX). Is there a workaround if clients are use to seeing subtype on invoices? Is the Product code the same as media subtype? Thank you!!!

  30. Hmmm I’m less familiar with Prisma and billing tools. It’s managed more by other teams at my agency. We just work with them on how to track from the platform to the tools.

  31. Yeah, from my experience there is no such thing as "tags" in DV360, at least not in the same way as in adform.

  32. Yeah same here. UTMs need to be set in CM and you have to make a different placement for each one from what I understand. There is some level of auto UTMs between DV360 and CM but it’s just the line item ID.

  33. Thanks for the reply. Do you know if there’s any way to do this without Campaign Manager? We unfortunately don’t use it.

  34. Not sure, I’ve only ever worked in DV360 with CM.

  35. No not exactly. The auction can take place in different environments. In a browsed based header bidding scenario the exchange is actually being handled locally on the consumers hardware and the SSPs are sending their highest bids from the DSPs into the browser itself. For inventory like mobile in app or CTV I believe the exchange is handled on dedicated hardware. The SSP can also operate like an exchange, for instance if an SSP owns its own inventory like a Yahoo (up until recently I guess).

  36. If you worked in adops you actually have the perfect background to jump over to programmatic. A large % of programmatic activation requires understanding ad ops and how to handle the back and forth of getting ads live with a publisher. As the end of the day programmatic is essentially just a more algorithmic layer to the ad server.

  37. Thank you for your perspective! I will try applying for more entry level programmatic jobs and see if I can get my foot in the door. Usually I don’t like doing cover letters, but I have a feeling in my case they would help a lot.

  38. Anything at the planner/buyer level is likely within your grasp. Which market are you applying in? It might also be worth a try to look at openings outside your maker if they’re willing to hire remote candidates. Also don’t forget looking at roles at DSPs. They have a lot of in house buyers for managed service business that they might be open to hiring someone with ad ops experience to train.

  39. Good luck to Google convincing the C Suite that the CMO is a relic of the past. No CEO has the time or bandwidth to get into the weeds of what works, especially when Google can’t actually tell them what works except to wave their magic wand over the black box.

  40. So you think the CMO will always be needed - what about agencies ? Do you also see brands moving to in-house models across the board ?

  41. Not as much. Taking stuff in house means taking on head count that eats into quarterly earnings reports. It’s always preferable to outsource certain roles to keep balance sheets in better shape.

  42. That’s because it’s the same windows Facebook/Meta defaults to. It’s all bullshit at the end of the day imo. Humans don’t buy shit based on linear behavior.

  43. That’s not the owner that’s the CEO. The person they are likely referring to is WBDs largest individual shareholder and board member John Malone, also a major conservative.

  44. I got sent this info by a Google rep this week. What is the rationale for this limitation???? Is it a fear of injected Java scrapers stealing information about the customers browsing behavior?

  45. First off, you’re not alone. Agency life is grueling and agency trading desks at the biggest agencies are white collar sweat shops. They’re set up to maximize agency profits and burn client money with just enough optimization or plausible deniability to get by. It’s almost insane to think that this model is conducive to personal satisfaction.

  46. Considering the level of realism and effort put into this thing, I happily dropped $70 on it. This ain’t no Captain Scam or Broken3D junk.

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