1. Ngl I don’t believe Evan because I have trouble believing any of the VAs at this point

  2. Fr they created such a bad reputation for themselves that anything they say could be bull at this point

  3. This is a good thing because i can just spoil the entirety of twf and nobody would bat an eye

  4. True, you should do it just for shits and giggles hahahahah totally

  5. And then Ross has to go to his dental appointment right after

  6. And then Clark has to go finance or somethin

  7. You’re gonna have to specify which game bub

  8. This map is legendary, all of BO1 is legendary, god I miss the old cod games.

  9. Personally based on a couple pieces of information my bet is October 7th, as Martin said it was 75 percent done a few months ago now

  10. I can ALSO say I'd expect it to be towards the end of the series since she has a lighter and we know she starts smoking eventually, just not yet

  11. My name is Gustavo but you can call me sus

  12. Bro has never watched breaking bad before and got that shit off a twitch stream

  13. I’m not the best at Tranzit but I would say it’s a lot more fun to try the individual survival maps once in a while

  14. Shadows of Evil, while objectively not the best, SUBJECTIVELY is my favorite. The jazz music in the background fitting in with the story perfectly and the introductions show enough to get you intrigued but too little for you to know exactly what’s going on

  15. Try doing first room challenges on bo1 and bo2. It will help you improve and it’s really fun. There’s a big community online

  16. Where’s the community? Or is my dumb ass overlooking something

  17. Unpopular opinion but Town. Grab a Ray Gun Mark II and camp at the top exit of the bar, when it gets too overwhelming jump off and run to the adjacent building and repeat. This is the only map I have gotten past round 30 on embarrassingly enough

  18. https://www.reddit.com/r/Thewaltenfiles/comments/vdao9q/why_is_nobody_talking_about_this_am_i_missing/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  19. Y'all cry whenever you PaP the M14 becuase the Olympia is so much better PaPped... #FAIL

  20. Which one of your asses is packing essentially a starter weapon?

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