Russia and China, take notes

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  1. If people could just generally be bothered to do a quick Google before asking for help on Reddit, that would make life easier for everyone involved.

  2. I disagree somewhat. You don’t think a demonstration of the weapon’s power against a military target would have been sufficient?

  3. It doesn't have the same impact as completely and utterly leveling two entire cities.

  4. I flossed too hard this morning and I can still taste the coppery residue of swallowed blood in the back of my throat. I used Listerine afterwards and my mouth feels like it’s on fire but I manage a smile to no one as I step out of the elevator, brushing past a hung-over Wittenborn, swinging my new black leather attaché case from Bottega Veneta.

  5. Ȩ̷̡̡̻̱̞̩͎̙̮̙̼̻̲̼͇͍͚͈͔̳͎͕̹̻̱̱̪̗͔͙̬̮͌̒̃͛́̿̋͗͘̕͜͜͠͝ͅͅͅ

  6. Oh shit, I forgot I made that comment lmfaooooo

  7. Holy shit the guy who comments on every post in

  8. ShellCore Command is my favorite flash game series of all time. Sadly, as always is the case, the dev mysteriously disappeared.

  9. Pretty sure thats a just a regular black vest over a white polo shirt with a (I think) tie

  10. Buy it. This isn't the kind of game you'll want to spoil for yourself for several reasons.

  11. It really wasn’t it was just the same post of burrito fucker and burrito unfucker over and over and over again it got very old very fast

  12. what if dead people don't know that they're dead and are only sent to the afterlife when they realize it

  13. Humphrey is unironically my favourite Headspace segment.

  14. Oh, that's a nice opinion you have! I respect it. On an unrelated note, do you allow guests inside your home? Do you perhaps

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