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A Oklahoma little leaguer got hit in the head by pitch and responded by giving the pitcher a hug

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  1. In my faculty, the computer science students learn C first, and everyone else learns python first

  2. My university does it this way too, glad I started with C. by the time I got to python I could appreciate it while kind of understanding what is happening under the hood.

  3. He doesn’t need to work another day in his life.

  4. I wonder if there is away to get him in legal trouble for using illegal tender in exchange for a service. But since it is technically a tip there might be nothing illegal about it. But it would be fun to see the secret service knocking on the guys door.

  5. Laptop video cards are integrated into the motherboard though so it's not the same as a desktop

  6. “We did a bad job at designing a golf course so it is your fault for our shitty design.”

  7. Currently it appears that the main camp scenes seem to be being done somewhere in Aldergrove, with the sea to sky gondola in Squamish playing the woods, which is funny because those two places are nowhere near each other. The first picture here could be literally anywhere; I reckon somewhere on the north shore, but if there’s one thing we in BC have a lot of, it’s lakes, forests, and mountains.

  8. As a Washingtonian I’m proud they chose the Pacific Northwest to film! Absolutely beautiful scenery.

  9. You can always tell when the pitcher meant to do it and didn’t mean to do it.

  10. Oof that sucks I’d recommend talking to the police maybe

  11. I’m a TA for a bio class and it’s minimum wage

  12. Minimum wage? That’s complete bullshit! The university wouldn’t be able to function without TAs. Think about it, professors couldn’t handle large classes we without TAs! Bullshit they should get paid more. But nooooo let’s pay our couches million of dollars a year to lose games while the pac 12 falls apart. But guess what! We will just raise tuition to cover the millions of athletic debt. Sorry for the rant but god damn I’m glad I went to wsu and will be getting my degree but suck my dick with alumni donation.

  13. Lol, I did this. Propped it up on one of the chairs you get when you take the furniture option and covered the open window with card board. Used it for 3 summers this way.

  14. Lmao i was low key like 50 bucks? I can freaking do this

  15. You'd only use it for a couple weeks and then it would sit.

  16. Bull shit she works for dd. If she did she sucks at it lol

  17. I got my skis tuned at sports creal. Really like the staff there

  18. As a latino, as long as nobody refers to her as Latinx I'm good about it

  19. Fr that doesn’t even make sense in Spanish language and I only have two years of high school Spanish under my belt lol

  20. Yes, as someone who watched daredevil back when it came out I was excited to see him return as the king pin.

  21. I was excited to play raze so my first game after I unlocked her was on split (unrated) and the first time I ulted I got a 3k with the ult. Never did it again lol.

  22. If he had shot them, would he be charged?

  23. Not if they were still attacking him. If he shot them in the back when they were walking away then yes. Guy seems like a good person to be carrying he used his gun to save him from getting his ass kicked but had self control not to use it when just the sight of the gun deescalated the situation

  24. It’s not like they said they’re evil. Invasive is the correct term for something that didn’t evolve within a particular ecosystem and is now thriving and killing off native species.

  25. Exactly I love cats, but it was just a valid scientific statement and some people lose their shit because their peanut brains cant understand ecosystems

  26. 2019 had a decent snow storm at the start of spring semester, like a foot and a half iirc

  27. Yet they won’t ban the two dipshit teenagers who team killed me each round with their abilities.

  28. We have to actually spell it out for people when talking about health crises these days. Or people might start rubbing battery acid on their bodies and drinking fish tank cleaner.

  29. When trump made the off comment or more like inferred the idea of injecting yourself with Clorox to kill covid. I know that wasn’t his exact quote. But after that happen my mom who works in a pharmacy legit got multiple calls of people asking if they should do that. The amount of medical stupidity in this world scares me. For what it is worth at least the people called and asked first, there is that at least!

  30. You're both right. The terms "bug" and "debugging" are popularly attributed to Admiral Grace Hopper in the 1940s. While she was working on a Mark II computer at Harvard University, her associates discovered a moth stuck in a relay and thereby impeding operation, whereupon she remarked that they were "debugging" the system. However, the term "bug", in the sense of "technical error", dates back at least to 1878 and Thomas Edison.

  31. Interesting I guess my knowledge was right and wrong

  32. Fun fact, this is where the term "debugging" came from. Bugs would get into computers (which were the size of a building) and cause problems.

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