1. Interesting! What would happen if someone where to lets say.... plant this under someone's house or car?

  2. Comparison is the thief of joy. Stop comparing yourself to others. I personally will never date a white woman.

  3. if it wasn't suppose to be in the sky it would of been shot down within 3 minutes of being airborne. Ever since 9/11 we don't play with rogue plains anymore.

  4. "New to me" Love that mentality man keep it up because there's a lot of haters in the car community.

  5. I cant believe you abandoned the match. AND THEN YOU POSTED IT!?? /s

  6. Monkeypox affecting Humans. We really are the planet of the Apes

  7. Honestly thinking about how Animals don't even consider suicide. Usually when i think about that i get a weird warm feeling in the back of my brain and it instantly goes away. Not sure why.

  8. Are you lost? You don’t seem like you’re well acquainted with berkljerk

  9. It hurt where my jaw bone connected to my actual skull to be accurate

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