1. That's it, thanks- can I see more info on the ones I'm interested in?

  2. any interest in Shiny Xerneas or Yveltal for Shiny Lugia

  3. Ambipom, look at aipom a monkey with a hand for a tail then ambipom took that design and made it worse rlly worse

  4. pretty sure berichan is a genning bot

  5. Sure. I'll take it. My friend code is DYKJLNCLYZGU

  6. if it has the home stamp on top its pretty rare congrats tho

  7. the ball, its an origin ball only dialga/palkia can be caught with it

  8. whats the info on shiny shaymin i have appletun, dubwool, theievul, stonjurner, hatterene, boltund and barreskewda

  9. can you post its ivs, OT and meeting place pls

  10. its on anime sites if you want to watch it that way

  11. any swsh shinies here for alolan raichu (will trade multiple if i still have them)

  12. who was seriously surprised that megas are winning by a landslide smh

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