1. Trent Cotchin is one of the greatest leaders in the modern era

  2. How has nobody mentioned the Red Rock Honey Soy Chicken? :0

  3. Collingwood run like Adelaide did in Q3, but for 4 quarters. We will need to make it a grind to have even the faintest hope of a win.

  4. If we beat Collingwood I’ll be so damn happy. It’s so unlikely tbh

  5. Yeah, I don't know wtf did the driver do... 3.6m is low for big trucks and that's why we usually don't see any of them driving this portion of Inkerman...

  6. I work in St Kilda and when I have a relatively big load on the ute, even I get nervous driving under that bridge

  7. This feels weird. We should have won this if we didn't butcher it going forward and at goal, but you gotta take a draw if you are down 6 with 20 seconds to go. Lynch, Taranto, Graham and Rioli were great. Still not sure why Mansell was anywhere near our best 22. I feel like Cumberland could have made a huge difference.

  8. I don't give a fuck about what Jones has achieved in the cage. Domestic abuse, drug doping and a hit and run transcends that shit.

  9. If t city can catch this guy in some submissions you don't think Islam who I would say is pedigrees above in grappling and also bigger and stronger won't? Guys getting submitted within 2 rounds.

  10. Volks gonna shock the world by fallin asleep in the cage. I want Volk to win, but imo, he's not that guy, pal. He's not that guy.

  11. He didn’t win but he’s that guy

  12. watches Khabib walk down Barboza after shrugging off one of the scariest head kicks in MMA

  13. watches Khabib walk down Gaethje, one of the hardest hitting 155's, with insane pressure and tagging him consistently.

  14. If you think Khabib wasn't a great fighter, you're braindead. If you think he's the greatest of all time, you're also braindead.

  15. I know it’s a symbiotic relationship but I would be soooooo annoyed if there were things sucking shit off of me all the time

  16. Derrick Lewis is such a good example of why the average HW fight sucks. Yeah there's a knockout at the end but you have to get through a whole lot of nothing beforehand and the ending itself is just a guy spamming the same sloppy overhand. I don't understand how the division is so popular (although the recent rising guys are pretty good, I'll give you that)

  17. I dislike the Heavyweight division like I dislike the Flyweight division. Heavyweights have power but no pace or stamina. Makes for boring fights. Flyweights have heaps of volume but no power. Can be really beautiful and technical fights but there isn’t that edge of your seat anticipation of the knockout.

  18. I think it's pretty messed up for the show to portray Homelander as a good guy. He has sex with a Nazi, murdered a plane full of people, and murdered someone in front of a whole audience. Then they have a whole audience cheer for him? And the season ends with him smiling? Looks like we need to boycott The Boys.

  19. I’ve never seen this show but out of context you made it sound like the craziest shit ever

  20. The shows premise is essentially what the world could be like if super heroes actually existed. I highly recommend it. The first episode is a fantastic setup and you’ll know immediately if it’s a show for you or not.

  21. https://giphy.com/gifs/pMePjXUqNNND2

  22. It is actually insane how good this performance was VS how Cody performed after the fact

  23. Emmet vs Yair never should have been for an interim. Realistically, Yair could fairly fight 2 or 3 more times before actually deserving a title shot.

  24. Tier 1: GSP, Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, Fedor Emelienko, Demetrious Johnson

  25. Try and grab her, get tired, get knocked out.

  26. True. Volk showing true colors. A gentleman until he loses in his hometown.

  27. I highly doubt this. His in the post-fight interview shows his true colours. Now, he's just trying to hype a second fight. This would have been his biggest payday by far.

  28. That street fights are wayyyy different from combat sports

  29. The reason why Volk’s defence looked poorer against Islam is because of the grappling threat.

  30. This fight WASN’T a robbery. You can make a case for both sides, could have gone either way.

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