Better Call Saul S06E07 - [Mid-Season Finale] "Plan and Execution" - Post-Episode Discussion Thread

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Madison Cawthorn vows to 'expose' fellow Republicans following election defeat: 'It's time for Dark MAGA to truly take command'

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  1. Oh shit!! Good catch!! That’s amazing!

  2. I’m going to miss this whole Breaking Bad universe so much. We’ve been living with these characters since 2008, they’re like family. I know this will be it for this universe too, these guys are ready to move on to other stuff and I don’t blame them. They’ve given us everything we could ever possible ask for and more. 2 fantastic series and an epilogue film for Jesse. We’d be selfish to ask for more. The thing is, I never thought in a million years that this show would be so good. I thought we’d get 2-3 seasons of some light hearted Saul jokes, not one of the best dramas of all time that is equal and in some instances BETTER than the show it spun off from. Every single episode, even the slow bridge ones, are better than 99.9% of shows that are on television. They’re so well shot, written, acted, and directed. It’s like watching a new short Tarantino or Scorsese or Coen Brothers film every episode. It’s been amazing and I’ve been lucky to be watching it with since the get. I’ll miss talking about it. One thing is for sure, I’ll watch every Vince Gilligan/ Peter Gould production as long as they’re around. Even if they suck.

  3. Exactly. If they had, then they'd be speaking truths. You people believe bullshit.

  4. “Because people told you to!” Says the guy who’s party literally WORSHIPS a dude. I wouldn’t piss on Trump if he was on fire but I’m not gonna go driving around with a Biden flag. You know why? Because I don’t worship politicians and think for myself. You have the stones to make fun of liberals for doing what someone tells us to? Who? Who’s telling us? Most Dems I know don’t suck a politicians Dick on the daily and make our whole personality about who we vote for. I know ZERO Dems like that. I know about 10 conservative guys that wear Tshirts, fly flags, post stickers, have posters, glasses, bobble heads, and even more dumb shit (and one of these people is my own mother) We do what THEY tell us? The whole GOP is so terrified of pissing off Trump and gaining his approval that the whole primary campaign for Republicans in the state I live was running campaign ads about who liked Trump more than the other. But WE do what people tell us? Shit, we’ll eat our own if they fuck up WAY before your lot. So get out of here with this bullshit when your whole party’s philosophy is “Like Trump A Lot.” You people suck a New York millionaires dick all the way from the south and use it as your political identity. The current GOP is the worst group of sycophants this country has ever seen.

  5. I’ve never met a liberal in my life that reads the Wall Street Journal. Are you one of those far right assholes that are so far right you shit on some of your own rags because they run editorial pieces and the like? Like how OAN folks think Fox News leans too left? There’s a word for people like that, they’re called idiots. “You don’t even read your own liberal sources!!” …Quotes the fucking Wall Street Journal. Jesus, you people are something.

  6. Some of these, certainly not most, seem to me to be girls who knew the poster had a crush on them but the feeling wasn’t reciprocal and told them at the last minute things like “Wish you would’ve said something! I would’ve sucked your dick all through camp!” and to be honest, this was just people that weren’t in to you and wanted to leave you with a smile. It’s a nice thing to do because of all the “What could’ve been!“ fantasies you see on this thread. But let’s be grown-ups here people, These were pre to full adolescents here juggling their feelings and they never made a move because you looked like a 13 year old Elephant Man.

  7. Rubble, Rubble…then ran off with her Big Mac.

  8. You’ve got to be kidding right? He called a press conference for the sole purpose of making a bunch of McDonald’s puns. Most of which weren’t good or didn’t make sense…. Can you imagine how much time and money would be wasted if every county sheriff called a press conference whenever someone freaked out in a McDonald’s?

  9. Oh GTFOH, these people need a little levity at their job just like you do. And maybe, just maybe, said levity embarrassed her trashy ass just a little bit so maybe she’d think twice about acting like a compete and utter animal that can’t control her emotions at a Mickey D’s. This woman is obviously a huge piece of shit that doesn’t care about the customer service people that work there so she might care about looking like a piece of garbage on her dope “Instagram” Because the other option is she gets hit, tased, or shot and learns how to act like a human being physically injured. Imagine this is your stance. Mind boggling.

  10. How bout “it’s all about the Benjamin’s” but puff daddy. “You should do what we do, stack chips like ———-“ they censor that now!! I guess they should though.

  11. What was the line? You can just say it ya know.

  12. Aren't we seeing this in real life with Joe Biden?

  13. Hahahahahahahahaha! Oh my god that was uproarious! It’s funny because Biden’s old!! You witty scamp you! Where do you guys come up with these?! I’ve got a funny one for you, the other day I saw a sticker on a gas pump of Biden pointing to the price of gas on the pump and it had a word balloon over his head that said “I DID THAT!” LOL! You get it? Because gas prices are high right now! I swear I don’t know why people say Conservatives aren’t funny when you guys are pumping out these jokes like gangbusters. You have those two and then the one where you say “Let’s Go Brandon” instead of “Fuck You Biden” that references a hilarious NASCAR misunderstanding. After those 3 you have…..well those are the only 3 I hear 8 times a day since he took office, but they sure are funny! I’m sure they’ll come up with another one soon. Whew! Bout laughed myself silly. “Biden’s old” hahaha! Wait til I tell the guys down at the Moose Lodge that one!

  14. Such great slapstick reminiscent of a Blake Edwards comedy. If you enjoy this kind of screwball, jokes firing every 10 seconds, wacky kind of comedy, then check out a couple of his 80’s classics (to me anyway, they were trashed in reviews) like “Blind Date” starring Bruce Willis in his first starring film off of “Moonlighting” and a never hotter Kim Basinger, and also (though not as good but still funny) “A Fine Mess” starring Ted Danson and Howie Mandel. Edwards had mastered this kind of comedy, but it’s roots can be traced back as far as film itself. Check out “His Girl Friday” from the 40’s, but Billy Wilder really nailed it with “Some Like It Hot” in ‘59 which I think every type of film like this owes something to. I don’t know if you’re in to older films but if you like “Weekend At Bernie’s” you should really check out some of the older screwball films, I think you’ll really dig them. Also may I ask where I could stream “Weekend At Bernie’s”? It’s been too long since I’ve seen it. Last time I watched it was on a VHS at my moms that I probably wore out when we dubbed it from the video store. Thanks!

  15. Of course they they can apply the death penalty to them.

  16. Someone has to pay for the privatized prisons fancy menu of 5$ packs of ramen and specialized phone cards that can only be bought through their services. Seriously, privatized prisons and jails run some of the most disgusting rackets ever that would make the fucking mob blush. As someone who’s been in the system, it makes me so angry.

  17. There is an old adage, and I’m not saying I agree, that goes: “If you’re young and not a liberal, you’ve got no heart. If you’re old and not a conservative, you’ve got no brains.”

  18. I just checked the reviews on google, very entertaining lol I’m amazed at how they’re still in business, the owners replies to some of them are extremely unprofessional.

  19. How are you able to see the reviews? I don’t see any hotel name or location. I’d like to laugh at these motherfuckers as well.

  20. Had phimosis at like 12 and the only option that was presented to me was circumcision. Back then I wasn't a chronic cynic, so I trusted the doctor when he said it was the only option. Turns out, prescription cream and stretching exercises can fix it in a few months.

  21. On the bright side though, you don’t have a weird looking dick.

  22. Saw the bachelor of a bachelor party get taken on stage and the strippers literally tied his hands behind the pole, rip his shirt off, mark on his face with a permanent marker, and beat him with his own belt.

  23. This is unfortunately standard at EVERY titty bar. I’ve never understood it either

  24. Good call. I did not at the time, but just googled it. Not surprisingly, though, their music choices have been very appropriate. One that comes to mind is Labi Siffre's "I Got The..." when Jimmy was walking through the desert with bail money, close to dying.

  25. She just can’t help herself can she? It will ultimately be her undoing I think. While we all deep down want a happy ending for these two, we all know that she isn’t going to make it out of this in tact.

  26. Piggybacking this cause I’m late to the game but did anyone notice (or if a bunch of you did, did they love like me) the lyrics of “Reflex” by Duran Duran and the significance of them relating to her stealing the earrings and ultimately the reason for Kim helping Jimmy in his bullshit. The chorus right before the title sequence. I loved it.

  27. Fuck I hope this never happens to US dudes. I’m gonna be sitting there, my 40 year old fat ass, playing Zelda, and get a draft “text message” instead of a slip like my grandpa.

  28. Don’t feel bad. It’s like that in every red/swing state. I live in Ohio and there was literally a campaign between two guys here that consisted of, and I shit you not, a new ad from both of them every week showing evidence of the other not “liking” Trump enough. One of them was JD Vance the guy that wrote the book “Hillbilly Elegy” that got turned into a movie.

  29. To be Fair Vance is a grifter , he was just a short time ago a never-trumper who was undecided if Trump was either a potential Nixon or a potential hitler.

  30. Oh I wasnt giving him any credit. He’s a total piece of shit. That book he wrote had the pulse of drug issues in Ohio, I’ll give him that. His political campaign also has the pulse on Ohio. Bunch of degenerate Trump fuckers and people that would sell their souls so he’ll endorse them.

  31. Wait…is Trump back on Twitter? I’m kind of dumb so please explain. But it looks like I just read a Trump tweet.

  32. Lol, I’m sorry but I don’t know what to do anymore but laugh. Elon, who prides himself on being a trendsetting, open minded, futurist. Just got caught with his literal pants down and went the same shitty, expected, boring route every other rich fuckface does when they get caught…become a Republican. This would be fucking comical (if it weren’t so sad) and explains so many things if you’ve even paid one second of attention to this guy that were nothing short of inevitable. I’m sorry, I’m not even the least bit surprised that this egomaniacal, super rich person thought they could get away with grabbing a Titty on their private plane. He knew in this political climate while being a centrist, that he could just switch sides and dip under the “Conservative” umbrella. There…sexual assault, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and any other modern publicly shamed act will be forgiven. All it costs is your shame and your soul. That loot though will keep on rolling just fine for him.

  33. Lmao I used to do this with the stuffed animals at American Furniture Warehouse.

  34. May I recommend the track "Dark all Day" by the synthwave band Gunship, featuring this dude. It's awesome

  35. What’s the song in the video? I dig it.

  36. No feeling quite like watching your corpse get yeeted to Jupiter after getting smacked by a drop pod on Mars.

  37. Just one thing? What’s a chaffing dish?

  38. HBOMAX came out with better titles (not interface and software, still dropping sometimes but it’s WAY better) right out of the gate. It’s getting more useless by the day to have Netflix. Password sharing is the only reason I keep it.

  39. It doesn't give you a hangover!

  40. It's the cheapest drug there is.

  41. It’s not gonna make me not want to have sex or something is it?

  42. I think this guy is very talented. Jojo rabbit was spectacular. He brought new life to Thor. What we do in the shadows was fucking funny as hell. He even got Wesley Snipes to be blade again.

  43. Holy shit! I don’t watch this show and all the people they got to reprise their vampire roles is amazing! This has me rolling! Gotta start watching this.

  44. There was a really dumb girl in our circle of friends at Uni and at the end of Batman Begins she yelled out, "Wait, Bruce Wayne is Batman?"

  45. A group of us went to see Episode III and took a friend who had a VERY passing knowledge of Star Wars and when Padme named the kids Luke & Leia he goes “No fucking way!!” and we all laughed so hard.

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