1. I can't believe that nobody has picked up on "wide girth'.

  2. Per parent seems like dodgy ground for them to walk on. Have you asked them not to assume your relationship status and ask for half the money back?

  3. The fine is for both parents even if they're not in a relationship.

  4. I trained with him many years ago in Czech Republic, spent a couple of months in the same place and knew him socially too. Unless he's had a personality transplant, then all of his online stuff is nothing more than a character - back then he was friendly, not particularly offensive, relatively quiet but overall came across as a nice enough guy. I think it's all an act in order to make money. Which is a shame, based on the content he shares.

  5. Are you a man? Because my guess is that he's nice to other men.

  6. It was a mixed centre, probably 30% women and 70% men, got along fine with everyone but didn't really stand out in any way other than being a talented and driven kickboxer. At the time he was just a bit...nothing. The personality on videos, podcasts etc seems curated as it's absolutely nothing like his behaviour in the late 00s. He was a relatively bland personality.

  7. I understand all the downvotes because "Come On Engurland" and all that shit, but go see kids playing footie on the beach in Argentina or Brazil and then honestly tell me that we have the culture to produce a worthy world champion side.

  8. Argentina last won it in 1986, Brazil in 2002. The last 4 winners have been Italy, Spain, Germany and France. Is that because they have beaches? If that's the case, then it bodes well for us as we have loads.

  9. There are beaches in Germany too mate. Might be a bit colder but they still count

  10. I'm going to edit it now and make you look foolish. Then I'll edit this one for a double whammy.

  11. One of the directors said why would we offer a pay rise if that person hands in their resignation and does not speak to their line manager first about it?

  12. I don't think I understand - if you leave then you wouldn't be asking for a pay rise.

  13. Sorry I wasn't clear, In August I asked for a pay rise from my director(line manager) I was laughed at.

  14. The problem you'll have is that they can just sack you instead, which isn't all that unlikely if you tell them you're trying to leave. A better approach would be to look for work without telling them, but also angle for a pay rise by explaining what you said above to justify why you think you deserve it (which it seems you do).

  15. I had a friend say once that rugby is a psychos game played by gentlemen and football is a gentlemans game played by psychos. I see why, because footballers would pull every dirty trick in the book to get a free kick or penalty, such as diving. But a Rugby player can take hits which would fold a football player like cigarette paper and walk it off and would probably not bother protesting for a spot kick. Which is why I absolutely love Rugby, but despise football.

  16. I've played rugby my entire life and it's on par with football as my favourite sport, but it's absolute nonsense that rugby players can be held up as paragons of virtue. 80% of infractions in rugby are deliberate acts of cheating, and I won't even get started on bloodgate.

  17. Was the mention of Bukayo Saka's A-level grades the most Alan Partridge bit of commentary in this tournament so far

  18. I think the chat about David Seaman fostering cats beat it.

  19. Ours went up yesterday, but if my wife wanted it to be earlier I'd be happy for it to be done earlier. I just can't be arsed to do it myself.

  20. According to my smart meter, the 8 minute shower I had a few weeks ago* cost 42p for the hot water. Combi boiler.

  21. In year 7 our PE teacher would line us up 1 by 1 to go through the shower and he'd watch to make sure we showered properly. This was 1994.

  22. A little bit of handsy stuff with 1 or 2.

  23. I always take 3 with me in case I ever get into a multi-poo situation. Plus I keep the treats in a bag and can use that if need be.

  24. As a former Prague resident, the biggest tourism issue the city faces is drunk Brits. But they also spend lots of money so it has its positives.

  25. I lived in Prague for a few years and it was the same there. British tourists (women just as bad as men) were far worse than any other nationality for antisocial behaviour - fights, public urinating, being sick, aggressive behaviour. However Italians were bad for sexual harassment and Americans bad for general rudeness.

  26. Organise a revolution to overthrow the whole system, or do nothing and accept we are all fucked.

  27. I’ve seen it so much and everytime it annoys me I can’t picture who the hell it was but he was instantly recognisable as someone I’d seen before a lot

  28. Want to feel old? His son is an adult professional footballer. 21 and plays for Stoke.

  29. Jesus wept. SWP is still the bright young thing son of Ian Wright to me.

  30. When I was about 16 I spat out my chewing gum and volleyed it straight into a bin that was about 8 yards away. One of the girls I was with was so impressed that we got together later that night and went out for almost a year. She actually referenced it that evening.

  31. I swear this was posted a few hours ago.

  32. They posted it with their actual account. She was advised to post with a throw away

  33. I don't know if it counts as modern, but Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End) by The Darkness is an absolute banger.

  34. Brand new account = made up post to try and stir things up.

  35. I'd never dream of wearing a tie for evening only. Even if I was there for the day, that tie is coming off later on.

  36. Because slagging off America(ns) is boring and has been overdone on the sub.

  37. I lived in Czech Republic for 3 years and would go back in a heartbeat if it would work for us (too complicated though). My wife is Czech and agrees!

  38. Yes but a gym has your card on file that how most people pay memberships. I think it would hugely benefit people by the sounds of it you just don't like dogs witch is fine there are plenty of gyms for Karen's only

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