1. Agree, she just doesn’t feel like a Carrington in my opinion.

  2. That's been my main thought all along.

  3. It's crazy how much better the show was back then. The maturity, the writing, everything. Seasons 1 & 2 give off a whole separate vibe that is much more enjoyable than 3-5.

  4. what happen to adam and steven arc, did the producers just throw that away making adam go away scot-free

  5. At the time I always assumed that they would circle back to it in Season 3, bringing Steven back into the mix and giving him justice, but nope. Now he's just been forgotten.

  6. I know that it wasn't teased in the synopsis, and I would assume that if there was news of Sam Underwood being casted, they would've listed him as George, not Adam. That's just my guess though.

  7. Alexis was PHENOMINAL in this episode, especially at the end when she discovered the book of secrets. I'm so happy that they're bringing her into the Ben storyline, she needs a break from Alexam.

  8. 1x22, 2x09, 3x08, 4x13, 5x13. Honourable mentions for 1x17, 3x01, and 5x14.

  9. I can see a lot how different Dynasty fans are. Here on reddit there are more old fans or fans of OG Dynasty and you criticize more negatively than positively, but for example on twitter or tik tok the fans are younger and have no idea what OG Dynasty is. The episode, in my opinion, was very well written and the LGBT representation was great.

  10. I mean I'm probably in the younger range of fans, and I've never watched the OG. I also loved Season 3 unlike a lot of other people and I also really enjoyed episodes like 2x06, 3x04, and 3x13 that do something a little different to other episodes. That being said, Season 5 has had some pretty rough episodes, and this one was the worst of all.

  11. I'm also on the younger range and I have seen a lot of the OG episodes. But I also enjoy the themed episodes.

  12. Loved both 1x01 and 2x01, I kind of prefer 2x01 though.

  13. 5x13 was very good as well, just wish that it had a bigger impact than a simple line from Liam in 5x14.

  14. Shouldn't it have though, I was waiting for the next episode be like right after Alexis shot mark. Police tape everywhere, everyone being interrogated, Adam hurriedly trying to clear up his tracks, maybe even Fallon being accused of her murder due to her baren comments earlier that day.

  15. 100% Agreed! I remember back in Season 2 when the Van Kirks were established to be dangerous and powerful, yet you're telling me that Laura's death meant nothing?! So much potential wasted.

  16. Agreed. Even when the writing started to suffer, he was one of the only characters that I still loved in every one of his scenes. Shame he had to die.

  17. Would be a very nice way to end the show, and good job remembering that!

  18. He was written out of the show in Season 2 when Adam made him go insane. Without spoiling too much, there seems to be a good chance that he'll be back in Season 5, probably a recast though.

  19. There were rumours that he was meant to return in early Season 5, however apparently David wanted it pushed back to the end of the season. Also the fact that

  20. Pretty sure Ben is going to discover it and use it against Blake.

  21. Dominique, Alexis (Elaine) and Cristal (Daniella). I love the way that Daniella portrays Cristal (a lot better than Ana Brenda in my opinion) and I wish we got to see her with her own storylines more often. I also loved Dom and Alexis in S4 and I just wish that we got to see that more this season.

  22. It was a good episode imo. I liked what they did with the return of

  23. I hope before everyone went home Claudia and Adam crossed paths, that would make for an interesting duo. As for LVK, I have a feeling that they'll handle it in the next episode or so.

  24. Considering it aired during Season 5, I was quite impressed with it. Everyone knows the show hasn't been the same since Josh became showrunner, but they actually managed a decent 100th episode.

  25. Kind of disappointed that Sam, Kirby and Culhane are being put together again. So far we've seen how much better Sam and Kirby are when they are split apart, and Culhane has no purpose now.

  26. Has Claudia been confirmed yet? I just remember a picture floating around but there was no confirmation. I was hoping it wasn't true. Claudia is done, done, done.

  27. Claudia appeared in 5x14. Personally I hope we see her again before the end of the show.

  28. Loved the episode, but was disappointed with the cliffhanger. I'm happy that they're introducing Ben into the series but they could've done something much better for the ending, 5x13 had a much better cliffhanger.

  29. The massacre is the dream scenario in this case, but it probably won't happen. One can always hope though.

  30. Did Liam’s movie get cancelled or have they just finished filming it?

  31. 100% agree with you, last nights episode reminded me so much of S1 & 2, and it has given me hope for the 100th episode.

  32. This was by far the best episode in a long time! It gave off major S1/2 vibes and I imagine that cliff-hanger will have major impacts seeing how important Laura was. And it's good to see that Psycho Adam is definitely still present.

  33. It really showed in 4x14, and the episode where she asked Amanda 'who are you mocking' when she was referring to a mock trial... In 2x09 Kirby managed to solve the whole LB kidnapping situation by herself yet she doesn't know what a mock trial is. I've also noticed that she speaks in a weird voice a lot more, like when she returned in 5x12, it's just off-putting.

  34. The way she acted in 5x12 is why I asked. It was way too much. She acted really dumb in Season 4, especially in 4x14 and 4x20. There are more but I don't really remember her scenes... and in Season 5 she acts like this in every single episode that she's been in.

  35. Yeah. It's a shame really, I loved her character so much in S2 and S3, and she started off strong in S4. All that character development went to waste.

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