Patriot Front showed up at Pride event in Idaho in the back of an Uhaul truck and got arrested right away.

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  1. Drugs (recreational) + psychiatric help + drugs (prescription)

  2. I sometimes experience this. I have slightly high cholesterol and kind of a shit diet but I don't have diabetes.

  3. Get on a program man. It'll give you guidance and you won't be bored anymore.

  4. Fitness wiki. Read the header at the top of the threat. Many good routines in the wiki.

  5. I usually just ignore it and resent them . Not my finest trait

  6. Maybe you should teach the ban evader emasculine or should I say Dry-Manufacturer-120 on how not to be a dick.

  7. this is one of my insane stalkers. move along, nothing to see. his account will be site banned by morning.

  8. I got No dogs in this race ¯_(ツ)_/¯ let the games begin

  9. the questlines are hard to follow (impossible without a guide) and the coolest ones were cut.

  10. Whatever you do don't move. Literally cannot think of a worse life choice. That would be setting yourself up for a life of resentment and misery. In my opinion it's better to be a deadbeat dad

  11. Neither me maw's hole nor the metaverse are in the UK but I like the way your mind moves

  12. This probably isn't going to help you, at all, but I have an anecdote to share on the subject. Do with this as you will.

  13. Anecdotes like this are just what I was hoping for. Tyvm.

  14. I don't support Chris or defend Chris but as an autistic schizo it's hard not to see where it comes from. That's where the sympathy lies.

  15. Chris is a fucking idiot even outside of autism. That's what you and a lot of people forget (respectfully)

  16. Don't listen to these other mothrrfuckers! Go fuck some twinks and label yourself how you want

  17. Yeah I do that too. I'm too shy to join a guild and such.

  18. I would so be down for ki making a new world with new areas like usual, but in a world we’ve been to. As long as they add enough new areas and content to the expansion to keep it fresh, I think it would be really fun. A great example of this already being done is wintertusk, which is personally an S-tier world for me.

  19. I sympathize with you, but at the same time what made you think that having a baby with this man was a good idea?

  20. I hope the Clintons or the Rothschilds or something decide they love gay people and order the deaths of all these assholes

  21. What is it and are you a ninja or paladin or am I just blind completely?

  22. nah, i can see why you'd think he's a ninja, at least. the weapon glam i'm using - the merveilleuse - looks like a short ninja's knife when it isn't deployed. combine that with the all-black clothes...

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