1. Bro why did you think Rey was gonna train him in Rise of Skywalker. She was literally at her breaking point this movie, she still needed to learn herself.

  2. Take Red Skull out, or at least that one. He was pretty evil without irredeemable traits before, but that faded as he became the keeper of the soul stone.

  3. I guess that guys autocorrect changed Lelouch to... whatever that was.

  4. I just checked one out and it is a fan animation.. honestly not bad animation and these videos have their own storyline to them, it’s quite cool actually

  5. well technically tailed beasts don’t die since they’re just a manifestation of chakra. homie is somewhere hibernating rn

  6. Mantis was always Peter's sister, even before the special. She was literally raised from birth by Ego.

  7. I realized that after Tomas got offed. Like maybe I had expected him to die at the time, but he basically immediately got killed.

  8. Bro said this like it was the worst Marvel movie when it was above average at best.

  9. Maybe she assumed that every Sharingan has the same chakra flow. We dont know if she ever witnessed Sasukes sharingan with her byakugan and most Uchihas were killed when she was a little girl. At this point she could just see two sharingans with the same flow and assumed its natural.

  10. Noooooo, why we gotta be classified under Ohio?

  11. Probably because Kishimoto didn't think about making them look reanimated. In Shippuden he probably wanted to make them look different to makenit obvious the viewers who was reanimated and who wasn't considering how many Kabuto reanimated.

  12. Why you saying this like Kishimoto drew the anime?

  13. In episode II Poggle the Lesser has plans for the Death Star, showing it was originally a CIS design.

  14. I'm pretty sure that was still secretly all Palpatine's idea. He was just gonna have one side build it and have the other use it.

  15. I think this woman needs some therapy or something asap.

  16. Warn the Scouts about Sasha? That's not possible, the flow of time in Attack on Titan can't work like that.

  17. Probably because he couldn't be harmed while transforming.

  18. Kishimoto also often made Naruto's Rasengan blue in large part because the anime made that the iconic look. He'd always intended it to actually be orange IIRC.

  19. Idk know about that... How the hell would you know anyways, you're just a random fan.

  20. It's more of a way to show the people who died to pucci during made in heaven cause they were the most affected by that whole fight. Its to show that they are no longer the same people as the new ones but they will always be with Emporio, FF was never supposed to exist so they wouldn't be in the new world. So they left ot out because (from what we know) FF isnt in the new world

  21. Never know, F.F might be the name of a fish or pet they have.

  22. kinda looks like he punched sasuke so hard his fist got stuck in him and got dragged along with isshiki's arm lol

  23. Looks more like he chucked Sasuke away, cause he was kinda holding him.

  24. How the mirror scene look from Hange's pov

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