1. Go to the S1NET section of Milconnect. They will release the new policy there either today or tomorow.

  2. The joke here is that Polk is minimally manned so they’ll probably end up there.

  3. Filters. It shouldn’t cost $200 to replace cabin or engine air filters. It’s like three clips or a couple screws. Change them yourself

  4. Yes but it’s slim pickings outside of poorly maintained properties

  5. What are the chances you're going to be in a gym ever, though?

  6. We have a few other direct commission programs too besides just intel officer, but I agree that it is a good program.

  7. If the unit priority goes into effect, then how else will branch bounce me between hood, leonard wood, and polk?

  8. You should add an anxious block for the how do you feel after you’re finished with your coffee question. I just get wired and on edge lol

  9. We already got rid of everyone who didn’t get it? What’d the fucking point now?

  10. Star Wars battlefront remake deluxe edition PC

  11. Well they are not infants but they are children. Equally terrible

  12. What are your thoughts on the word infantry then.

  13. Kids got sick, our primary thanksgiving meal place caught the flu, friends caught the flu, I probably had the flu.

  14. +1 for no alcohol and a flu filled four day

  15. You lost me at “had some reservations” about the best CONUS assignment

  16. Not really the best anymore, check the recent crime and murder statistics. Lots of meth / tweakers in that area.

  17. I went to a mall this morning and most of the shops didn’t even open till 11. Joke is we got there at 9 expecting there to be a crowd

  18. I have a recording of a freestyle he did on twitch over the persona 5 Home Screen beat. Hella random but it’s so fire lol

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